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  1. +im sorry im stupid , how would i rollback? and activation? whats that??
  2. signed into bandlab/BL assistant?
  3. also when i load up cakewalk, it scans and picks up all 178 plugins, and i can see them and put them in the fx rack, just cant open/use them
  4. signed in, reinstalled, rescanned nothing is fixed, can i de-update? lol
  5. I recently made a thread on this, reposting looking for more help. I recently downloaded 2020.11 update, and immediately started working on a new song with no issues whatsoever. i saved that project. left home for a few hours, when i came back decided to work on an old project that needed to be mixed. but i couldn't open my plugins. tried making a new project and bringing the vocal files over, still wouldn't work. i then restarted my computer, and one by one went through my projects trying to use my plugins. some projects you open and a plugin is pulled up from last time, and i can use that, but if i close it, i cant reopen that plugin. not sure what exactly happened, but would really appreciate any help you can give, as im supposed to be finishing up my album right about now.
  6. john.mtchl

    plugin issue

    i udated and restarted linked above, i do not have another DAW to open my plugins in, they do open in certain projects. but only if the plugin is already open when i open the project, and can close and open them in that project, i am not saying its a 2020.11 problem, it just happened after the update.
  7. john.mtchl

    plugin issue

    i recently downloaded the new update (2020.11) and as soon as i did i went to work on a new song, mixed it , got tired took a break. came back few hours later decided to work on a project i started last week, but i cant open my plugins. i just click them and nothing happens, so i make a new project bring the old tracks over, add plugin to the fx rack and again wont open. i then try all my projects and the only plugins i can open are the ones that were already open when i opened the project. very confused, i changed nothing other than updating that im aware of.
  8. problem fixed, im new to music. in the mixing phase bump your sample rate, heard that! all better.
  9. let me start off by listing my setup, in case hardware matters. Lenovo think Centre comp scarlet solo interface cakewalk daw obv lol I'm using a nectar 3 by izotope. my project only has 7 tracks. one is simply the beat I'm using the other 6 are vocal tracks. the only plugin on every one of these is nectar 3. I'm noticing some crackling in my audio but if i disable plugins its fine, if i turn 2/6 of the nectar plugins its fine. what's going on here? are the plugins just to cpu intensive?
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