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  1. Yes, very likely. For one thing, intuitively, it doesn't make sense to do it from inside a project.
  2. Yes. I know it's a fairly fringe use case. But among the things I do is post production on audiobooks, and a project queue for exports would be incredibly life-improving for that. It's not unusual to do a bunch of corrections on a whole book, and then need to export the full thing. And the generally most efficient way to work is one project file per chapter. To be able to queue all that up and walk away would be amazing.
  3. I think it makes sense to leave it there after an export. Now that that's a process that can contain lots of tasks, going away (or just task switching away) while it works is fairly likely.
  4. This is pretty tangential to the actual functionality that's been built this time around, I know. But just throwing this in: What would improve my working life, vastly, on a near-daily basis, would be the ability to queue up multiple projects for export. So a list of projects would load, export with current settings, automatically close, then automatically load the next, and so on. I can see that's outside the scope of current developments, but it seemed like a natural place to float the idea.
  5. Heh, I was literally just about to write a post asking for this. Great news.
  6. This is well worth a look, for anyone who has to deal with this frequently. $49, will check a batch of files and make sure it doesn't convert anything that looks mono but isn't, as Bitflipper refers to above. https://www.soundizers.com/
  7. How dare you. I am 49. 😄
  8. If memory serves, Noel said something recently about Bandlab Assistant being in line for retirement soon-ish, so I expect all of this stuff is being looked at.
  9. I think all the functionality is there; in that sense, it's not limited. But you're right that it could be made more friendly and intuitive. And I know Cakewalk of late are very keen to improve user-friendliness.
  10. Yeah, I totally get what you're saying. If you read it a certain way, it sort of sets you up to think "should I open the folder? Is that a thing that I need to do?" UI and workflow design is full of these kinds of things. Perhaps "update now / update later" is what this box should be asking. Or maybe it should just automatically update after downloading.
  11. I suppose the assumption is that you'll either open the folder to install from there OR install from in the program. So the pop-up is a fork in the path, not a hub, as it were. "Take a look and then install from in the program" has never occurred to me, but I see what you mean.
  12. New format for this in the latest update is great for me, thanks so much. Really clear and readable, and LSR indication clearly separate from the name is a great addition.
  13. Sort of, sort of not. The thing we've been talking about is the prefix numbers which the new update has added. None of those screen shots feature anything like that.
  14. ^ I don't understand this post at all.
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