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  1. I've noticed that I can't use the mouse wheel to scroll the control bar modules any more. Is that a setting somewhere, or has it just been removed?
  2. Asking for a colleague, and as we don't have anything like old "computers and hardware" sub-forum any more, thought I'd try here. I'm really out of the loop on this, as I build my own desktop computers and have done for years. Who are the current US-based suppliers / builders of laptops that are set up well for audio? Got an audiobook narrator who I work with who's had a hell of a time with DPC latency glitches on an off the shelf system. She works enough that she can justify paying a decent premium to make the problem go away. Any recommendation? Thanks all.
  3. Got a minor niggle with with the new ALT+X to toggle Aim Assist labels on and off. The setting defaults to off and doesn't persist, either globally or within projects. I do a lot of editing work, and mostly want it on all the time. Would be really nice if it could persist at least within a project. At the moment, having it on, but saving, closing and reloading the project (not even the whole application) will switch it off.
  4. I think this was updated in the previous hotfix, nit the latest update, so apologies if that's the case. Either way, it's still the same in the current version: The new split behaviour, that creates a crossfade on a split is cool. However, it doesn't follow the default selected crossfade for most crossfade options. For example, I generally use "Slow out, fast in", and that becomes "fast out, fast in" when splitting. The first couple of options work ok, but the rest give different (wrong) results. Is this just me, or has anyone else seen this?
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