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  1. My bad, I must have seen stuff! I tested it again and the soundcard always locked to the project rate which is 48k even when I do audible bounce.
  2. When I export to 96k, my soundcard got changed to 96K. How is it possible that the project is running at 48k and the card at 96K?
  3. I realize that if you are doing ITB, it probably doesn't buy you anything. However I routed my buses to external analog hardware and export the audio, thinking that it's like 'tracking' the final mix bus so let use the higher rate there.
  4. Once you go SSD you won't go back! Net result is about 3.5 times faster overall. I use Samsung EVO
  5. Any reason why you would or would not export mixdown to 96khz when all tracking and project is at 48Khz? I've always used 48K but now that computers are more powerful and sound-card can easily do 96khz. Can anyone actually hear a different?
  6. Searching the old thread, it's a known old issue/feature, when you have External Insert you simply can't solo a bus.
  7. When I solo a bus, there is no audio coming through, which technically makes sense but not useful in real use. Is there a setting that when you solo a bus, all the tracks that are routed to that bus is also solo'ed so you can hear what coming out of the bus?
  8. After further testing, this condition happens when the audio driver/card is off or dropped from CbB. When the CbB is connected to the sound card then it's working fine. Would be good if CbB shows a notification like "FX Region disabled, no audio card" or something instead of going thru the erroneous rendering.
  9. When create an FX Region, Vocal Sync or Melodyne, for a clip, the FX Region clip got extended (much longer in duration) and the audio got pushed to the right. Or in other words, silent audio padded to the beginning of the clip for some large random number of bar and the original audio is at the end of the clip. Anyone seeing this?
  10. This is specific to 2019.12: As I mentioned earlier I have issue with Midi dropping out starting with 2019.11. The midi buffer default value in my config, for as long I as have used Cake, is 200msec. In 2019.12, since there was a changed in midi buffer recently I played with the setting and increased by 50msec (250, 300, 350, 400) for each test case. when the buffer set at 400msec, there's no drop out. fwiw apparently the new midi 'auto buffer' requires the buffer to be set much higher (twice?) and not automatic as stated. My question is then is there any negative impact if the buffer is set too high?
  11. Since the beginning Sonar has a library of CAL scripts. Basically you can script or program for midi. For example I use the undup all the time to find if there's any duplicate midi note which is not visible since one note would be under the other, but the velocity or volume would jump.
  12. Thanks for the info, didn't know that. As long as Bandlab supports CbB on Win7, I'm ok, so please support it for another couple years. MS regular updates are the culprits to many of my woes, and my workstation is only on the internet for CbB updates, so I don;t need all that securities updates mess. Typically I would buy a new system as upgrading an existing system has always been problematic and frustrating. Just the thought of having to upgrading all plug-ins, soundcard drivers, and spending weeks working through issues, yikes.
  13. I have to say that up to 2019.9 CbB has been reliable despite its well know quirts and workaround. Since installed 2019.9 I continue to have work stoppage issues. The only change is that when force to update Bandlab Assistant, I think that it also installed an update Microsoft Visual C++ 2017. I'm on Window 7 pro. Last resort I will do a system restore. Couple of the new (recent) issues are: 1. Clip gain envelope does not consistently work. You can raise and lower, but it doesn't follow the nodes. Moving the clip to another lane would allow it to work once. toggle another clip (at the same timeline) would allow it to work sometimes. CbB has long standing issue with envelop not working if moving the clip to another lane. Now with the changes in lane, maybe the old issue is the underlying culprit. 2. Midi track drop-out in playback when there is an External Insert in the mix bus. I never have issue with Midi ever going back to Sonar8.5. Perhaps this is related to the new audio/asio driver change and somehow midi not tracking under some condition. Then there is situation where a clip can not be split no matter what but the undo history recorded that splits were done; If you bounce multiple clips into one, sometimes not all of the selected clips got bounced. Probably some conflicting rules in the codes. 2019.12 probably helps stabilize in some areas but the issue I been having still persist.
  14. @Noel. If you have an External Insert, on a bus in my case, and Midi track, the midi playback would drop out intermittently. Reproduce by stop-start the project a few times and it will eventually occurred. Will occur in audio export also. This issue occurs in the previous release also (2019.11)
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