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  1. thanks for responding, but my question is trying to see if there is a readout somewhere that has a clip end's time. Doesn't seem so. As for CTRL+D, it's useful for loop or clip that starts and ends at a 'note' interval, else the it would be off. I just use CTRL+click drag to where I want.
  2. where would you click then? what if you don't have an empty space where you want to place your cursor to set now time? click on a clip will select that clip also and if you are not careful with a slight movement you will move the clip inadvertently. I like the new marker feature, but just want to be able to click through it or anywhere on the timeline. It just doesn't make sense that you cannot at a certain spot.
  3. Like everyone said there is no right way but my default method is: 1 - put a clean/transparent EQ or a HP/LP filters to tame the dominant freq that could affect the compressor 2- Compressor 3 - other fx last - a character/color EQ to add mojo.
  4. In my test, the entire clip is in view, btw.
  5. Clip properties has start and duration, but no end time. And I can't add, lol. I was trying out the new ctr-D (clip duplicate) and it would be good to know where the duplicated clip is going to be.
  6. this -||- annoys me as well. I use the time line to go where I want the now time or play at but around the beginning and end of a clip or at a marker I no long can. Sure I can deselect, but what if I'm working on that clip and want to play at its start? I found that the the tiny area below the 'ruler' won't block but you must have steady hand to hover in that area. Please have the option to turn it off. thx
  7. Left Click Rewinds to Clip Start in Lanes’ option -- this feature doesn't work it won't go to the beginning of a clip during play back. There's a vertical line momentarily but now just chugging along What i like to do also is to audit the various takes or clips from its beginning, so I though this feature will do that.
  8. I inserted an audio FX to a clip, but the FX has no effect on the clip. The plug-in UI is fine but audio was not 'effected'. This is with the latest CW version. The plug-in works fine if inserted to the track. Wonder if there is a new default that has to be switched. thx
  9. micv

    is there an 'exclusive' Solo?

    That does it. Interestingly if I shift-solo on a track the track solo icon/button is the 'exclusive solo' but behaves like normal mode. Not sure what that icon mean on a track.
  10. If there's already solo track(s), I want to be able to hit solo on a track and only that track is solo'ed. Currently to solo each track I have to un-solo and solo. Thought there's got to be a way.
  11. Is there any 'un-planned' (since it works so well this release 😁) for off-line update? You can download and install the software, but only need to get online for authorization? My studio has barely a blip of a signal, probably just enough for auth. Always have to disconnect and take the computer to a location with signal for hotspot.
  12. I personally haven't ran into the issues mentioned in this video, since Sonar to X to Plat to now CbB. So they look like system dependent. Way back, I did have issue which a few plug-ins not retaining setting when using 32-bit through bit-bridge in 64-bit app.
  13. Isn't in Setting vst has the option to hide vst2 if there's like vst3? However even if you set this, Fabfilter still show both vst2, vst3
  14. I'm about to do an update. Is this crash an isolated issue to a few and is it stable so far to most? Not sure how to roll back if there's issue so thought I ask first.
  15. I have old projects with midi drums programmed/mapped loosely to GM, I want to use my current vst drums (BFD3) which has its own mapping. What I have to do is manual move each note to the new note. I have worked out the exact note for note translation, but wonder if there is a script or better way to do this.
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