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  1. I have archived tracks with output set to none, seems logical to not route to anything. However it got detected and the annoying message at start. Is there a way to disable the "Silent Tracks or Buses Detected" just for archived track?
  2. I found that it's readily reproducible when the nodes are down below the -12 -18 -24 vertical ruler. Now some nodes values are more than 1 db off. The visual shape of the envelop remains the same however. The issue looks to me then the envelope not calculated correctly or relatively to scale with the display. Meaning you make a one db change in the region between 0 and -6db, move it down to the region -18 -24, the shape of the envelope remains the same so the -1 db change is now cover something like 2db graphically. hope it makes sense.
  3. @Will, This exactly. Relative level are then off in random spots, so now after moving the entire envelope, I have to go back and check every segment @Glenn. Thanks for checking, it occurs when you have more nodes/segments than in your example. In practice I typically could have a dozen or so segments, and if I ride the volume automation, there could be a lot more.
  4. so if my segments are 0 db and -1db, for example, moving the entire envelope down by 1db I would expect to get -1db and -2 db. Are you saying that it's not.? The unit here is db.
  5. hey guys, Bringing this up again to see if this issue is recently introduced or something on my ends. thx
  6. interesting as we speak, there is another active thread, and I copy the link here. It still said about background process. folklore is hard to squash, I suppose 😀 https://www.blades.technology/music/daws-sonar-and-studio-one/three-tips-to-optimize-pc-for-daw-use "3. Configuring the computer to prefer Background Processes over Programs. This one made the biggest "one item" difference."
  7. Anyone seeing this issue: If you select the entire volume envelope and move it, say by 1db, some section will move less than 1db, like .7 or .8. To test use envelope that has a bunch of nodes and sections. Not sure if this is 2021.01 could have been there since the last version.
  8. good to know. I've set this background process as well since way back and forgot about it and never could confirm that it does something or not.
  9. Assuming the CbB knows to give the system some CPU for system critical background process? I typically turn off network, virus, the internal sounds process when running DAW. Those in my experience have interfered with DAW. Updated to the latest version, been playing with the setting and so far I can't really tell if there is a different with MMCSS or not.
  10. I haven't made the update to the latest, but on the last version, when enable MMCSS, I got 'hic-cup' on the midi tracks.
  11. I saw that there are updates to this in the recent built, never really understand this beyond what's in wiki. In practice when do you enable MMCSS? and what do the various modes actually do?
  12. A while back I got so confused with offset mode that I decided not to use it. As I recall when you switch back to normal mode, the fader will ride with the envelop and the offset will be applied behind the scene. Cool but after awhile you might forget that you have some offset somewhere. Would be good if they also show the offset number next to the fader number.
  13. @reginaldStjohn. Thanks for trying this out. When you're moving only one node or a segment between two nodes it will work as expected. The issue I observed is when you have more than one 'segment' and all nodes selected. In your example try to select the entire envelope, all the nodes selected, you'll see what I mean. In addition to the non-sense readout, you should see that for some reason the very last node will be un-selected and not move, instead another node will be created on top of the last note.
  14. where do the 4 come from? the nodes has different values throughout and in my test there is no segment that is +4db. In practice I just want to move the entire envelop by a certain value, like .5 db, and I can't tell how much I had moved by looking at the numbers.
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