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  1. In case anyone comes across this thread in the future who have a similar problem: My drum module ended up having to be sent back to Alesis under warranty. I spent a couple of weeks with Alesis support troubleshooting over email and they eventually suggested the module was probably faulty.
  2. Many thanks for this, Mark. Nice to know someone with this kit has got it working! As per Scook above, I think the problems might be before Cakewalk, but once I get that sorted I'll follow your steps for the setup. Cheers
  3. Hey Scook, thanks for this tip! I followed those steps and as far as I can tell there is no MIDI signal arriving at the laptop when I hit the kit - regardless of the settings on the kit module. Could this be something a simple as a faulty cable or is it more likely to be an issue with the Alesis module or the laptop? Brand new kit and brand new MIDI-USB cable, but I suppose either could still be faulty? The kit appears in MIDI-OX.
  4. Local Controller is set to OFF now (it wasn't before - my apologies), but I still don't see anything happening in Cakewalk when I hit the kit?
  5. Hi Jim, Yes I've just done that and no MIDI seems to record despite the kit showing up in Cakewalk and being selectable etc. The Alesis module isn't a complicated one, and I don't see any setting to enable MIDI. The Alesis website also describes it as plug-and-play with no drivers needed for USB MIDI. I'm at a loss...?
  6. Thanks. The metronome clicks away, but that's it. When I play it back it's just a silent recording. I was hitting the drums kit throughout but that doesn't seems to register.
  7. Fiddled around with all of these but no change I can see? I (perhaps wrongly) assumed there would be a place in Cakewalk - perhaps with a keyboard showing - where one could see if ones MIDI inputs were working. I can see the kit, but I have no way of checking if Cakewalk is actually registering the hits/inputs.
  8. Really appreciate the help. A lot of new terms to get to grips with for me here So I've tried adding an audio track and setting the input to the synth (which I'm guessing in the plugin?) This is what I've done but it still nothing happens with I hit the kit. I assume I didn't do it right...
  9. Hey thanks very much for that speedy reply - much appreciated! I just want to confirm that all I'm after is the ability to hear the plugin drums sounds in my headphones when I'm playing on my kit. I don't have any need to record, edit, or do anything else with Cakewalk. I'm just trying to replace the crappy module sounds that comes with my kit. Is your solution what I need to do to make that happen? Cheers
  10. Hey everyone. Been stuck on this for hours! I have an Alesis Nitro Mesh edrum kit connected to my laptop via USB MIDI. Cakewalk shows the kit just fine but I can't get it to trigger anything no matter what I try. I've followed a bunch of YT tutorials and still nothing. All I'm trying to do is get it to trigger a drum plugin (MT Power Drum 2). - Windows 10. Up to date. - The kit shows under "Devices - MIDI". Both inputs and outputs showing. I can select the kit just fine. - I can create a new Empty Project. - "Input" on the project can be set to the kit. MIDI Omni selected. But nothing happens with I hit the kit. Literally nothing happens in Cakewalk. (The only thing that happens is the normal Alesis module sounds coming through the module headphones as per usual). Completely new to DAW's/Plugins etc, so please bear with me if I've explained it wrong. Any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks! Bunch of screenshots attached if that helps anyone...
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