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  1. Steve I have seen those videos and I agree, they re really good. Thanks. John, Thanks for the link to midiworld, looks promising! I bookmarked it, and also your great tutorials which I also bookmarked. Thanks a ton!
  2. Hi, Total beginner here. I'm just now getting the hang of getting things working a little. What would really be nice to study is a sample project that demonstrates how to route audio and midi around. I've watched a few youtube videos. They're helpful. Does anyone have a link to a basic sample project that a new user can study that shows audio and midi routing (sends, and from one bus to another). When I say basic sample project, I mean: 1) Not overly complex 2) Uses plugins that come with Cakewalk so we can actually load it and run it. Thanks!
  3. Wow! Nigel you are THE MAN! 😀 Thank you dude, that helps a lot!
  4. Hello, Brand new to all this. Just downloaded Cakewalk. The tutorials I have seen so far all introduce the different sections of the app and explain what they do. I haven't a clue how to actually proceed with anything. I really need to watch someone go through, step by step from the start, and show how to add a few tracks and special effects. Just got a Akai LPK 25 keyboard to start playing with. Any links to actual videos of people making their projects would be super appreciated. I'm lost. Thank you!
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