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  1. Track objects COLORS I know it means a lot of changes in the program, but is something that every user would like to be able to do: It will be nice to be able to assign track’s objects NAME AREA COLOR (same has RENAME), that can be show or hide with a button whenever the user needs it to “distinct repetitive object in a track”. Actually when you right click on a track object, below the RENAME, have other option, something like “COLOR” (has in Arranger). Is important to have a button that HIDE/SHOW the color to not have always a “carnival of colors“ in the track View.
  2. Mario, have you solved something? I also try to export to a new Cakewalk created video and then imported back with the same result (plays a couple frames and then it freezes)
  3. The video playback is not rendering in realtime in the view area. I also have the same issue like Marius using any video format. Additional to Marius note: While stopped and moving around the timeline, the video changes to the corresponding frame acordly, but while in playback, the video freezes at the last displayed frame (it doesn't move), no matter the video file format/codec. Any ideas?
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