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  1. Hey All, Not a deal but closely connected theme. Want to sell some license serials of not registered software. And lookin for a rapid platform like Knob. Thanx for any recommendations!
  2. still no code, I don't worry about it:)
  3. Usually Waves just send an email with the code. Anyway thanks for hints.
  4. 15 hours and still no code
  5. The code not working Update: sorry didn't catch that it was in July 2022
  6. CLONE is a plugin for checking the mix in different rooms \ speakers (a la MixChecker from Audified). It is free with the coupon "BFFREE". https://www.thenatan.store/p/clone-mixcheker-plugin/
  7. This season BF is much to be desired😞
  8. It was just my 2 cents about TR808 as a virtual clone. Anyway I prefer 909. Thats my style.
  9. https://d16.pl/nepheton also got a temper
  10. I don't know whats happening with FileSilo Resource but now you can freely download from them everything! https://www.filesilo.co.uk/
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