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  1. I'm using Win10 patched up from 7. When I open the Control Panel there isn't an "Audio" selection as such. I can get into System Devices of course. It can be done with Audacity under Win10 so presumably a much more sophisticated app like CW should be able to do it.
  2. How do I go about recording whatever is coming out of the speakers from my computer? I've hear it referred to as "What U Hear". It can be done with Audacity so surely it can done with CWBBL. Thanks!
  3. I'm running a Core2 Quad - I notice that when processing, the CPU usage stays relatively low, hovers around 30%. Is there a setting to tell CW to take more full advantage of a multi-core processor?
  4. Since originally posting I found you can split the tracks up into clips and export them individually, no need to send them to individual tracks. Yes I now see that they get exported with whatever whatever rack tools, trimming, fades and FX etc. applied. My previous experience with Cakewalk was with a Pre-Sonar version - CW8 I believe - that didn't do real-time auditioning or real-time add/remove processes and FX - I can see this is a whole different animal. Lots to learn. I appreciate your input.
  5. In this case eventually what I need to do is export chunks of the track to separate .mp3's. It's a record album that I'm tweaking. I envisioned cutting the track up as individual songs and pasting each to a separate track and after final cleaning up - trimming/fading the ends etc. exporting each to a separate .mp3. Is there a better/quicker way to do this and still retain whatever tweaking I've done on the track?
  6. Thanks. If I want to end up with a track that has everything active applied to it what's the best way to do this?
  7. When you Process>Apply Effect>Audio Effects does that apply everything - both plugins and settings in the rack - EQ, Compression, etc. - to the track?
  8. Is there a way to do it other than using a volume envelope? Can you apply compression or volume changes to a small section? Also, does Cakewalk BBL support VST plugins? Thanks!
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