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  1. I am having problems trying to record guitar in Cakewalk with my Audiobox USB (Running on Dell G5, 16GB Ram, Intel Core i7). The first problems were the audio dropouts. I tried increasing buffer size up to 1024 at the ASIO control panel, but still no good. They happen even if I am running no plugins at all. System memory stays at 46% usage. Anyway, I tried again today and for some reason the dropouts stopped and I managed to record a guitar track. However, when I try to adjust the pan, the audio increasingly distorts as I move left or right. The tone stays clean if I leave it centered. (Solved), I wonder if it's my Audiobox, a driver problem or something. It's the old model, but I have the latest drivers installed. Or maybe I am doing something wrong, as I am new to Cakewalk. Does anyone have a clue? Thanks in advance. UPDATE: The distorted output was a actually headphone jack problem, solved. The dropouts remain, but not always. I couldn't figure out the cause yet.
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