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  1. I'm a long time cakewalk user but have never dabbled with melodyne so I thought I'd give it a go. I couldnt find melodyne on my system so went to bandlab assistant- 'add ons'. All boxes were ticked indicating I already have the melodyne add on. I searched my pc again but it's definitely not there. I then went to celemony website direct and downloaded the trial version of melodyne 5. all works fine in stand alone mode but cakewalk will not find it in vst scan. I've triple checked the path and it's correct. why is cakewalk not recognising melodyne? is there a way to force melodyne into cakewalk? if not, is it possible to use melodyne in stand alone mode in collaboration with cakewalk? thanks in advance
  2. hi does anyone know any way of installing and using ouput arcade in cakewalk? thanks in advance
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