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  1. And Logic Channel, free channel strip πŸ™‚ https://www.buymeacoffee.com/smacklabs/logic-channel
  2. They are celebrating the release of Mimic Creative Sampler and the code was also sent out in the latest newsletter. Note: *The campaign is valid until midnight 12/08/2021 CEST and cannot be combined with other coupon codes or any other offer.
  3. https://www.pluginguru.com/products/808-day-unify-2021/ 347 TR-808 Drum Samples curated and created by John Lehmkuhl and featuring 240+ samples by Sharooz Raoofi (Look up Principleasure online) from his modified Roland TR-808 (thank you Sharooz!) 6 Drum Kits 8 Patches that organize things a bit. In Celebration of the Roland TR808 – we are presenting our very first 808 DAY Sample/Patch library exclusively for Unify named the PlugInGuru 808 Day 2021 Library. The Free Download zip contains 347 Samples / 6 Kits / 8 Patches of 808 Drums and Percussion! The samples are encrypted in our sample protection but the library is not a licensed product. Meaning you do not have to enter a license number to use this library. Simply drag the .guru file into Unify or click the green β€œSelect .guru file…” and select the PlugInGuru 808 Day 2021.guru file – Load and Enjoy!!!
  4. h3kke

    I'm Baaaa-aaaack!

    I wanted to express hope that Larry brought back keys to our wallets. But then I realized... Larry is the key! Great to have you back, Larry!
  5. Nah πŸ™‚ That manual available on their website is outdated. Here's a screenshot from the one that comes with the latest version of the plugin (on Windows installer drops the manual into C:\ProgramData\Pulsar\Smasher\manuals):
  6. Same here, but I was like, let's check out that code, maybe it'll still work. Nope! 🀣
  7. https://sonicstate.com/news/2021/01/18/black-lion-audio-introduces-revolution-2x2/ Looks like it's already available for preorder at B&H (Black Lion Audio Revolution 2x2 USB Type-C Audio Interface).
  8. h3kke

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!
  9. Hey, they're even cheaper now! $249.99
  10. And it looks like you can use the same "A" code ad nauseam! I just completed multiple orders using the same code
  11. h3kke


    Thanks Larry! Looks cool, can't wait to experiment with this thing. By the way, direct download links work fine but some unnecessary dots sneaked into first two repository links, which now lead to 404 error pages.
  12. You guys are so great! Let's all find peace of mind during this time of the year 😊 Merry Christmas!
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