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  1. This issue happened to me: Pan Automation was not working while playback. It had to be like this: But it wasn't changing like this: The problem disappeared after I restart the Cakewalk.
  2. You can't organize Custom Made Layouts which are stored in the pgl files.
  3. Transient Detection Method Setting information doesn't store in the Project Template. I have to change it every time. So there could be a Cakewalk.ini setting for to specify the Transient Detection Method at least. Like: TransientDetectionMethod 0 = Magnitude 1 = Spectral 2 = Multi-Resolution (default 2)
  4. There is only 1 Undo we can do. More Undo's we need to.
  5. I had to remove some of my attachments before the previous post. Some of them were useful ones. Please remove the overall attachment quota. It does not make any help to anything. I don't want to create another account to post something. I'm OK with that Max total size. I'm talking about the Attachment Quota, that 50Mb limit.
  6. This will help us to find pressed notes on the PRV when drawing them by hand.
  7. Thanks for all improvements. Especially: Inconsistent ports with Append Instrument / Simple Instrument Tracks.
  8. We need stretchable automations both with clip and independent from the clip.
  9. Automation Snapshot Shortcut is not working.
  10. Actually we need a 10x fast Mouse Wheel scroll in the ProChannel. I never use scrollbars.
  11. By the way in the animated GIF is a macro for Duplicating Selected Envelopes which works for only one measure.
  12. It can't be a hard thing to implement I think. Cakewalk already has this feature for the Step Sequencer. But we can't edit Step Sequencer clips in the PRV. When we make them editable in the PRV it turns into a regular clip. So I am requesting the same thing but works in the PRV.
  13. If we had Transparent Clips we could see the contents of two different clips when they superimposed. In general I extend the clip to the measure even if they don't start at the beginning of the measure. Let's say I have two clips: And when the second one is coming after the first it looks like this: I can't see the notes behind the first one. This is why we need Transparent Clips. I guess in this topic OP was requesting the same thing for this reason:
  14. For a better explanation, Linked Groove Clips will work like repetition of the first clip. So if we convert a regular Groove Clip to a Linked Groove Clip, if there are different things going on from the first clip, they will be gone. If we convert Linked Groove Clip to a Groove Clip, then we will be able to change repetitions independently as usual.
  15. These commands can be interchangeable. I mean, with this addition there will be two separate commands: Groove Clips and Linked Groove Clips. Once we made a Groove Clip. Then we will be able to convert it by a command like "Convert to Linked Groove Clip" Then all the clips will be work like linked clips. Or vice versa. We change our minds in the process and try different things all the time. For a better workflow this kind of flexibility will improve our productivity.
  16. Duplication function is not working for the envelopes. They only work for clips. I think we should be able to duplicate selected envelopes with the same command which we use for duplicating clips. Just like we use same command for copy and paste clips and envelopes.
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