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  1. I say it's about the codecs not the system. Lets make an experiment. I see black screen on play/pause with the video below. 10 seconds of white screen. Save the video from right click context menu. And insert it to the Cakewalk then make play/pause with the video. If you don't see black screen on play/pause. It means yes, this issue is system dependent. Video.mp4
  2. At the end Cakewalk will look like this:
  3. When we import the Video Audio as a reference, audio data will be read from the source video file. It doesn't need a conversion. When we do that, storing only audio waveform data will be enough in the project. So it will lead us to store less data for the document storage.
  4. Today I found that even if I change the engine in AUD.INI to DirectShow, when I insert an MP4 file, it automatically switches it to the Media Foundation Engine. And when the Media Foundation Engine is active we see that "Blink" on play/pause.
  5. Also when Imported Video Audios placement to the Video Thumbnail section become life having an option in the Import Video window for to select Import audio stream as a reference or as a track would be practical for to use the Video Audio for different purposes.
  6. No. The issue is in the video player. This is what general means. I never said that. If there is more information neeed than I give here, the developers can ask to me anytime.
  7. As a summary, The blinking black screen on pause issue is an ongoing issue in the Cakewalk since SONAR X1. The issue is happening in some of the videos regardless of the supported video file format. The issue is not related to the system settings like the GPU or the Operating System version. The issue has a relation with the codec the video use. Changing the video engine to DirectShow fixes the issue for some of the video files. The video player in the Cakewalk needs fixation regarding the issues. Also, Codec support of the imported audio files in the videos needs to be renovated with the newest codecs. And, Imported Video Audios placement to the Video Thumbnail section.
  8. I think I explained the issue I had in this topic well enough. It started to become an argument. I don't want it to go that way. Lets leave the rest to the developers. OK?
  9. What you still don't get is, when the issue is general, all I can give these kind of information. Not my GPU or the Codec information will help to fix the issue. Because it's GENERAL. It means there are too many people with too many systems are having this issue with too many video files. OK?
  10. You should understand what I'm trying to do at first, if you want to cooperate. This is a simple procedure. I didn't say anything about Editing. Promidi came with like I'm trying to make edits in the Cakewalk. Erik has a thought that this is issue is related to my system. I tried to tell this is a general issue. Tim has some thoughts like the same. I created this topic by thinking some other people will join and the fix become quicker. But things didn't go that way. No problem. I made some research in the day to explain that blinking black screen is a general issue and it is not related to my system. Codecs seems the reason because some of the video files works without trouble. Also changing the engine to DirectShow fixed the issue for some of them. You'll see that black blink on pause at 2:18 Another video, the blink is at 2:57
  11. There is no argument. And this is not a bug report to get a solution. This is a request for the file format compability for the playback of video files. If you have no trouble with the video files it depends on the file and the codec you use like I said earlier. Not your system. I have encountered the same issues with different machines which have different system specs. When the developers fix the playback issue it will work with every system configuration for every supported video file format like others do. So relax and watch. Thank you. 😊
  12. This is not a bug report that depends on my system specs. This is an ongoing general issue for everyone who use Cakewalk. If you are not having trouble with video playback, this means you are using a video file which has no trouble with the Cakewalk. There are various video formats which use various codecs out there, Cakewalk is not dealing with them as others do. This is the topic.
  13. And @Lord TimI was thinking to write an answer to you but on second thought, I found that it is not necessary. I really appreciate your participation to this topic with your elaborate comment.
  14. 👍 That's the real answer right there. What the? Let me clear, this is for composing for a finished video. There is no need for video editing OK? Just playback. Simple. With the Cakewalk for now, I'm having trouble with the video playback. I need to see the Video Audio as a reference at the top with the Video Thumbnail. And I can do all these kind of stuff with the Cubase without an issue. And I want these for my own DAW. That's pretty much it.
  15. Actually I sent these requests years ago to the Cakewalk Support Team. Nothing happened. But I feel it's the time to fix these playback issues and interface arrangements for the videos. We got the Tempo and Articulation Maps. Now we need an improvement for the Video side.
  16. Also keeping the video audio with the video thumbnail would be great: By this way we can see the video audio as a reference with the video all the time even if we navigate between the tracks.
  17. I thought you were joking. No I think this issue doesn't depend on my system. Like I said in this phrase: It seems Cakewalk has issues with video playbacks regardless of my or any system. This is a problem and I think we don't have to deal with converters, other 3rd party softwares like @Promidi said. Cakewalk has to deal with the video formats automatically like Cubase do. This is the normal thing a normal user can expect.
  18. And same video files are working without an issue with the Cubase as a side note.
  19. And I'm having trouble to play MP4 files with Media Foundation engine even it says in the document: "Media Foundation generally supports most older formats supported by DirectShow as well as many newer formats such as H264 video. "
  20. I tried it with another video and I saw that black blink on pause again. I think this issue should be taken seriously by Bakers. That blink is really annoying when working with video clips. There are open codecs available out there, Cakewalk can download and run them when there is needed like a regular video player.
  21. Thanks. It worked. Now I don't see that black blink when I pause the video. I think DirectShow Engine should be the default. And I agree with that.
  22. Where do you get that idea that I'm trying to edit videos in the Cakewalk? But it is still a great idea to edit videos with a dedicated video editor.
  23. Cakewalk has still issues with video playback. Blinking black screens when pause, unsupported video and video audio formats etc. It needs to take a look there.
  24. I think adding an icon to the Punch Module and a keyboard shortcut to toggle "Extend Takes to Punch Out Time" will be great in the Final Release. Also "Mute Previous Takes" can be added to both in the module and keyboard shortcuts. By this way toggling will be much easier even while in the record.
  25. This means now we are able to install Windows 11 on our ARM64 phones/tablets then run Cakewalk inside them. Fabolous!
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