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  1. I use Cakewalk to compose midi music and I need to draw expression curves (mainly CC1, CC11, CC7, ...). I have noticed that when you record the CC curves from the controller or drawing them, thousands of points are generated. This shouldn't be a problem... but when you have more than 20 instruments simultaneously with thousands of CC points playing, Cakewalk starts to suffer and slows down. This is a pain. In addition, the file size and save time are increased. And the "autosave" is activated continuously because any small modification in a line implies thousands of changed points (thousands of events that triggers autosave). Would it be possible to manage CC commands as "lines" or "spline lines", like the volume and pan lines in the general view? This would decrease the stored CC nodes and make Cakewalk lighter when working with many instruments.
  2. In my case the auto-saving goes crazy when I start adding or editing expression curves (CC1, CC11, ...) to big projects. There are thousands of events per tracks that count to the number of changes of the autosaving. The UI interface also suffers from this large number of events and goes slowly. It would be great if Cakewalk would manage CC curves with lines (rect or splines) like tempo track does, instead of thousands of points, one for each CC value change.
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