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  1. Great work! I'm looking forward to using this one as my daily driver for a while.
  2. This looks great! Looking forward to the release and what more you might change up.
  3. I've also noticed a couple of issues when using any of Audio Assaults guitar modeling plugins with Cakewalk by Bandlab. I have just about all of their modelers and they all seem to have the following issues. A: I can only use the vst2 versions, as the vst3 versions crash my session until I switch them to vst2, then my session remains stable. B: when inserting these plugins there is faint high pitch buzz/whine, that when stacked with more of these plugins becomes louder. I have a pretty high end system and I'm not running a whole lot of plugins at once yet both of these problems happen even if it is the only plugin activated. This may be a DAW issue as Sonar X3 Studio does not have this problem at all. Curious if anyone else has encountered this issue. Thanks for your time. - Nate
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