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  1. https://www.sampletekk.com/index.php?route=common/home
  2. We carefully sculpted each sample from field recordings of resonant metal objects and surfaces to bring you a collection of creative tuned + untuned percussion and atmospheric sound-design. This library is perfect for all styles of music, from soundtrack scoring, to experimental and ambient music. For this 2.0 upgrade, we remastered the samples and inserted them into our flexible four-layer modular template to give you tons of versatility and control. After that, we crafted these metallic timbres into 20 new custom FX presets, designed to spark electricity into your next song idea. https://soundiron.com/products/iron-pack-3-metal-tones
  3. https://rastsound.com/deals/hidden17/
  4. SAVE 50% ON BIRDS OF PREY BUT ONLY UNTIL DECEMBER 1ST! https://www.boomlibrary.com/sound-effects/birds-of-prey/
  5. I get the same result....
  6. cclarry

    Acustica Bundles!

    Various prices https://www.acustica-audio.com/store/marketplace
  7. Samer here...blocked on Copyright Grounds
  8. $77 at Thomann https://www.thomannmusic.com/ample_sound_ample_guitar_rb.htm
  9. Run the IK Installer to update
  10. This is the deal of a lifetime!! From November 28th - December 4th, save $70 on the best guitar amp modeling tones around. Get our biggest and best ReValver bundle at the ReValver Amp Store for only $29 (regularly $99). The ReValver Producer Pack is a massive collection of ReValver modules and content. No matter what tone you are looking for, you will find it here! AMP MODELS Michael ACM 900, Basic 100, BluesMaker '62, Budda SD 18 II, Budda Superdrive V20, Herr Demon, Flathill Dual, Fox AC30, Peavey 3120, Peavey 6505, Peavey 6505+, Peavey Classic 30, Peavey Masterpiece 50, Peavey Sensation 20, Peavey XXX II, Redhot AD30TC STOMPBOX & FX MODELS Analog Flanger, Budda Bud Wah, CE-Guitar Chorus Pedal, C-verb, Digital Flanger,Greener TS808, Käften, M104 Analog Delay, PRESSOR, Sher'ff, Slammer compressor, Square-Phase, Treble Booster, Wham!, World-Wide-Verb, Again Delay CAB MODULES & MODELS RIR cabinet model module, RIR2 cabinet model module 1960A 4x12, 6505 4X12, BluesMaker 2x12 open back, Budda V20 1x12 open back, California Twin 2x12, Classic 4x12, Delta Blues 1x15, Delta Blues 2x10, Flathill 4x12, Fox AC30 2x12 open back, Järnmalm 4x12 cab, 6505 Prototype 4X12, Redhot PPC212, Redhot PPC412 ACT Instrument Models LP Std Instrument Model, Brazilian Nylon Instrument Model, S_Caster Instrument Model UTILITY MODULES 3rd Party Plugin Host Module (VST, AU) New to ReValver? Download ReValver for FREE today at https://www.audiomediaresearch.com – Then load up ReValver with a Producer Pack bundle for $29! https://www.audiomediaresearch.com/revalver-bundles
  11. I'm not going until the 12th of December Craig, but thanks!
  12. Cyber Monday only offers available now @ Rast Sound (up to 78% off), https://rastsound.com/deals/
  13. Here's what I got! This view also! Paris Hotel Las Vegas!
  14. 90% Off Select Bundles https://zero-g.co.uk/collections/cyber-monday-bundles-deal
  15. Decibel gets a major update! Go and update your plugins via your Process.Audio account. Decibel Version 1.2.0- Works with 102 Mobile version (iOS & Android)- New "Spectrogram" module- Support for Atmos up to 7.1.4 layout in DAWs- Overall stability and performance improvements- Lots of minor and majors bugs are now fixedCheck all the updates here Get Decibel - 50% Off https://process.audio/en/products/decibel
  16. PS...I STILL have the "Install twice" problem
  17. Run Spitfire App and Select LABS and Not Installed to install
  18. $131.99 at B&H https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1378551-REG/crucial_ct2000mx500ssd1_mx500_2tb_2_5_ssd.html
  19. Cyber Monday & Black Friday deals!' https://www.acustica-audio.com/store/marketplace
  20. Get world-class Kontakt multi-microphone piano libraries from just $59! Premium 24 bit multi-microphone piano libraries are 50% of at only $124.50. All sforzando piano libraries are on sale. Featured deal: only $19 for our most popular library Death Piano in either sforzando or Kontakt formats. Hurry! These prices won’t last long! https://www.productionvoices.com/
  21. From $4.99 https://karanyisounds.com/shop-on-sale/
  22. Our Cyber Monday Daily Deal includes the AX73 synth plugin and every preset collection including the newest multilayered Strata collection! This is the best price you'll see all year for our flagship synth! Get it now! *Cyber Monday bundle pricing only available on November 28, 2022 https://www.martinic.com/en/blog/best-black-friday-audio-plugin-deals-2022
  23. For today ONLY, you can get a special 60% discount on the Darkglass Ultra & Parallax plugins! Experience the monstrous tones of the legendary Darkglass Ultra amps, or create your ultimate bass tone with Parallax. https://neuraldsp.com/plugins
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