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  3. Just now, fret_man said:

    Here's a slight variation on maybe how to get the most out of WUP. Let's say I have several plugins that expire in Oct 2019. I have several others that expire in March 2020. If I WUP them all, do they ALL get extended to Match 2021?


    Yes....WUP is extended 1 Year from the WUP Expiration of the Last Plugin Purchased
    when ALL are WUP'd together, and remember, you get ALL the money spent BACK
    in the form of a Voucher good for up to 25% Plugins, or 50% off Bundles

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  5. 17 minutes ago, abacab said:

    Funny, but that's what I think of Reaper, Reason, and Samplitude.

    I agree with those also...Sonar is the only one to me that looks "Polished".
    Even Cubase looks "cartoony" to me...CbB does not.

  6. $19 


    We’re continuing our 20-year anniversary by offering you the Metal Guitar Gods EZmix Pack at more than 60% off* – this weekend only. Get custom guitar tones by Fredrik Thordendal, Devin Townsend, Mattias “IA” Eklundh and Misha Mansoor, in your computer!

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  7. Features & Enhancements

    Arpeggiator Rate Lock option to prevent the rate from changing when selecting arpeggiator presets

    Bug Fixes

    Rename Clip command not available if clip automation is present

    Renaming a synth in the Synth Rack does not update the corresponding MultiDock tab

    Selection range does not refresh properly while dragging if Aim Assist is disabled

    Automated Mute not working correctly on MIDI Tracks

    MIDI Mute envelopes can’t be assigned to other MIDI envelope types

    German text is cut off in the Control Bar Export module

    Selecting a Lens that contains a screenset will not update the UI under certain circumstances (for instance, projects based on the ‘Empty Project’ template don’t show tracks in the Track view if a Lens is selected)

    VST2 plug-ins can fail to load from MRU list on systems with vast number of plug-ins

    Quick Group Freeze of tracks only works a single time in a project

    Freeze Tail Duration is ignored when ‘Track FX’ is deselected in the Freeze Options dialog box

    Rare crash when deleting envelopes

    Potential crash if closing project during Opening Project toast notifications

    Hang opening projects with Opening Project toast notifications when control surface is active

    Potential hang when opening project with UWP MIDI driver mode (can happen if Bluetooth MIDI devices are disconnected while opening Cakewalk) When disconnected there will be a delay of a few seconds while Cakewalk tries to connect before it times out

    Projects containing certain plug-ins could crash when closing project if the Start Screen is enabled

    Loud pop at end of AudioSnap clip when 64-bit engine is off when using élastique stretching

    Control Bar Export module is not available in Lens Manager

    CWAF Tool reads CbB files as Future Version

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