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  1. We are thrilled to announce the release of PSP eFeMerizer Frequency Modulation Engine - an outstanding frequency modulator for Voltage Modular consisting of four operators. Each operator is independently configurable, resulting in unprecedented sound design flexibility. This brings the number of PSP modules available for the Voltage Modular to 33 modules!

     Until the 3rd of June 2019 you can buy buy PSP eFeMerizer for $29 only!  (or in the PSP Poly Modular Collection for $49 or PSP Ultimate Modular Collection for $99 / $3 per module). Starting from June 4, prices will rise to $39, $69 and $149, respectively.

    To see the PSP eFeMerizer in action watch the 4’ long video tutorial made by Venus Theory or download and run the fully featured 7-day demo version from Cherry Audio download page. To use our modules you don’t need to buy any additional libraries, Voltage Modular will be automatically added to your account.


  2. 46 minutes ago, Starise said:

    I don't have the Vienna Licenser key. I have a Korg elicenser though. It's a Syncrosoft product. You know what I'm thinking. Not sure if it would work or not. 

    Probably usb 2.0 and maybe even usb 1.0. Korg no longer uses a dongle that I'm aware of.

    Is it blue?  It should work if it's an eLicenser from Synchrosoft...but I can't swear to that!

  3. Great News!

    We are happy announce the addition of 5 brand new titles to The Shop!

    From today, you can get the best of ueberschall libraries in The Shop at exclusively low prices using your rewards cash:

    Score FX I

    Score FX II

    Retro Action Score


    Wild Chases

    Get up to $70 off using your rewards!

    Powered by the FREE Elastik 3 engine, these libraries provide high quality audio loops and sound effects for professional audio and multimedia-productions.

    Click Here to check them out!

  4. 1 hour ago, Southpaw3473 said:

    It's odd they release a new reverb during "reverb month" and not put it on sale as well.

    I guess they think the $50 coupon makes it a sale...at least the coupon can be used for 
    anything $100 or over...but still not helpful...still too much

  5. 34 minutes ago, ZincT said:

    What is that menu bar doing at the top of the screen when the Hub is open and why is it left open when you close the program (you have to close it separately)? Then again Cubase Elements behaved the same way so I guess that should have warned me what to expect. I also had a transport bar left open after returning to the hub at one point.

    When you "think" that you are closing Cubase, you are really only closing the project.  That's why the menu
    bar continues to "hang out" even though you've thought that you have closed Cubase.  Happens to me all the time.
    Just a matter of understanding what's going on.  I said the same thing...

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