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  1. I ended up getting this...too good a deal to pass up,
    even though I already owned 7 of the plugins.  This
    gets me upgraded to 5 and the other 8 plugins, so
    felt it was worth it, not that I even remotely needed

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  2. We just finished a spectral modeled Rhodes Piano Bass (yes! the one used by The Doors). 
    We are releasing it for free to all of our friends and customers.

    Just go to 
    and use GETINSPIRED code at checkout to get it for free. 

    Download link: 
    Code (copy it now): GETINSPIRED

    This code will be valid for 60 days and allows unlimited downloads, so feel free to share it with friends by forwading this email. They won't take your seat :)

    You can hear demos and video here

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  3. 6 hours ago, Ashay Arekar said:

    Does this load usual third party plugins like Waves, PA, NI, etc. Or does it require special third party plugins created specifically for Mixbus? I did see that it supports VST, but want to confirm before deciding.....

    Yes it does support VST format.

  4. 13 minutes ago, Ron Stranghoener said:

    Thanks for the quick reply.  Now I am trying to decide whether to purchase the irig keys for 39.99 or just the SampleTank 4SE for $49.99.  The keys come with a 15.99 shipping charge!

    Buy it at Sweetwater, GC, or Musician's Friend...FREE shipping...
    MF and GC are out, but you can still order now and they'll ship
    it when it's back in stock...

  5. 9 minutes ago, Ron Stranghoener said:

    Bear in mind that the $39.99 keyboard comes with a $15.99 shipping charge!

    Not if you buy it from Musician's Friend or Sweetwater or Guitar Center...
    They all have Free shipping...

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  6. 8 minutes ago, Ron Stranghoener said:

    Is the only difference between SampleTank 4 and SampleTank 4SE the amount of sounds you get?  I currently own SampleTank3 so if I purchase SampleTank 4SE will I be able to use all my SampleTank 3 Sound content with SampleTank 4SE?

    Yes...you get some of the ST4 sounds with SE also...so you'll still have your 3 sounds, plus
    whatever 4 SE gives you...

  7. $5

    A Demo of RM-2 is now available!

    The RM-2 Analog Channel captures the warmth of an uncelebrated Japanese console, the Panasonic Ramsa WR-S4424.

    Praised for its tape-like character inherent in its preamps, rm-2 is all character!

    It's only $5 for the next 48hrs!

    I Want RM-2!

    Offer Valid Until May 2tth 8pm CST

  8. 29 minutes ago, Starship Krupa said:

    Woo, that is a nice deal on Mixcraft. I didn't know they were shipping Recording Studio with a full license for Melodyne Essentials, either, I thought you had to buy Pro Studio to get it. Mixcraft is a heckuva deal.

    You do have to buy Pro to get Melodyne Essentials...that's why I edit the post...
    but still very worth it

  9. Combine this sale with the custom bundle option to save even more - upwards of 55%combined savings!

    Check out this video to learn about all of your purchase options and customer rewards.

    For example, buy Waveform and MOK Waverazor synth for only $144 (regular price $278) using the custom bundle option, and also earn $10 Tracktion Cash.



    Discount code: MDAY40

    Enter code during checkout.

    Hurry! Sale ends Monday 5/27 at 11:59pm PDT

  10. 5 minutes ago, Zo said:

    Here it s 79 euros , 20 % of taxes and the shipping cost ..... i never buy physical'from ik helas !! 

    Thoman has it for 44 but it states sampletank se 3 .... is it a serial that comes with e key oard or we get the licence when we register the keyboard ( in witch case i can imagine having se4) ?

    The license is tied to the Keyboard, and is NFR...that's the only 
    difference between buying the software, and this way, and if
    you pay with credits it's also NFR...no biggie to me at this price
    IK Website confirms it's ST4 SE:

    Comes with free Mac/PC software: SampleTank 4 SE(download from IK User Area)

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  11. BTW...I just bought the doorstop...I'll give it to my brother.
    All I want is the sofware, and got  the doorstop for $29.99
    because I still had $10.00 in BS Points...with the 25 Credits
    it's like getting ST4 SE for $4.99.  Also saved $15 in shipping,
    which is what IK wants to ship from their site...

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  12. 4 hours ago, kitekrazy said:

    ST4 SE and a potential doorstop.

    The point was, if you wanted the software, rather than
    pay $49.99 for it, buy the keyboard for $10 less, get the 
    software, more software, and $25 in gear credits...
    Who cares about the doorstop, LOL?

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