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    Dear Reality DearVR Pro
    Mix in 3D. The PRO version.
    New (free!) Multi-Channel updates announced, check our product page!

    $349 $149
    Plus local VAT taxes in Europe*
    Save 57%


    fiedler audio stage
    Excite the stereo-field of your mixes and masters with this unique tool.

    $199 $29
    Plus local VAT taxes in Europe*
    Save 85% 


    Schoeps Mono Upmix
    From Mono To Stereo & LCR

    $149 $49
    Plus local VAT taxes in Europe*
    Save 67%


  2. $149


    What Do You Get for Just $149?

    Mixbus32C v5 DAW (full version): $149

    GVerb+ (full version): FREE

    3D Delay Triple Delay (full version): FREE

    Dyno-Mite (full version): FREE

    Micro-Glide (full version): FREE

    XT-DS De-Esser (full version): FREE

    XT-EG Expander/Gate (full version): FREE

    XT-TG Tom Gate (full version): FREE

    XT-BC Bass Character (full version): FREE

    XT-VC Vocal Character (full version): FREE

    XT-DC Drum Character (full version): FREE

    XT-SC Spectral Compressor (full version): FREE

    XT-MC Multiband Compressor (full version): FREE

    XT-LC Lookahead Compressor (full version): FREE

    XT-EQ Equalizer (full version): FREE

    XT-ME Mastering Equalizer (full version): FREE


  3. Monoment Bass: sounds foundational

    In the modern day, music production leans more heavily on bass than ever before. Although track counts can number a hundred or more, often the core of a song is built around little more than a beat, a vocal, and a rich, living bass sound.

    So an instrument dedicated to just that ‚Äď tailored to producinghuge, solid bass tones¬†with complex,¬†organic overtones, professional presets,¬†and¬†focused effects for a mix-ready low end¬†‚Äď is more than just useful. It‚Äôs foundational.¬†Monoment Basslays the groundwork for¬†top-quality tracks every time.

    "It’s very cool for the subs and those dirty bass sounds! I think it’s perfect for the low end and mid range bass jobs."

    Madison Mars
    DJ & Producer

    Get it early ‚Äď intro price $79

  4. Summer is in full swing here at Sonnox HQ.

    We’ve even ventured out into the sunlight bathing the beautiful Cotswold countryside that surrounds us.

    Since inventing and building plug-ins is predominantly an indoor pursuit, our collective pale and pasty extremities have consequently just been re-introduced to short seasonal clothing.

    Pictorial evidence of this folly shall not be forthcoming. For, dear friends, it is not a pleasant sight.

    By way of compensation for having planted such a discomforting image into your psyche, we’d like to announce a month-long half-price sale that discounts almost all our range.

    We appreciate just how frustrating it can be to buy something at full price, only to see its price fall the next day. Therefore, if you bought from us at full price after 1st June 2019, please log a Support ticket here and we'll get back to you.

    If you’re new to our products or would like to learn more about why so many, at all levels of music and audio production, have built their workflows around them, then please either:

    Explore our single Plug-Ins or our pre-configured and custom bundles

    Or take a fully functioning 15-day demo here

    Many thanks for your continued support.

    Best wishes from us all,

    The Sonnox Team.

  5. Technically not a deal!  

    My power has been out for the past 3 days so 
    I was not able to be online...just so everyone
    knows why I wasn't here....

    Thanx to all who carried on!

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  6. NEW Blossom from Audiowarp
    A Journey Into The Analogue World
    30% Off Intro - 52.50 GBP

    Inspired by old tapes in the attic, the golden age of analogue synths worn down by the hands of time and a true love of pushing the boundaries of what analogue can do, Blossom by Audiowarp is the result of years of recording, re-recording and twisting countless numbers of vintage synths to produce something truly unique that’s become Audiowarp trademark sound.

    All the sounds within Blossom were recorded and post affected using only vintage outboard analog equipment.

    We took vintage analog synths and using various recording and post production methods such as tape compression and artifact manipulation we created an entirely new set of amazing, unique sounds.

    Dusty, ghostly, sombre and distant these sounds can only be created in the analog world.

    4850 Samples


    249 Individual patches

    4 voice mixer with XY Control

    Factory presets

    User presets

    Modulation assign system with 4 x LFOs and 4 x envelopes

    7 Global Effects

    Intelligent Randomisation

    Individual envelopes and filters per layer


    From acclaimed sound designer Audiowarp

    Please note: The FULL version of Kontakt 6 is required (Not for Kontakt Player)

    Blossom Promo Video

  7. For just $34.99 (instead of $119), get The Klusterkitt Bundle from PORNOFONIC. 

    This collection of drum designers and kit builders contains the following:





    1.5GB total download size

    11,508 stereo samples

    234 designed drum kits

    1,339 instruments

    Requires full version of Kontakt 5.7.1 or higher

    Deal Ends: June 23rd

    Limited time offer, don't miss out!

  8. That was what I originally had posted...then this morning it said $38.95 and I changed
    it.¬† Now it says $58.95 again...I wish they'd make up their mindūüėĚ

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  9. 27 minutes ago, BassDaddy said:

    I have T-Bone. Is the Proxmity EQ worth the $10 to buy it again?

    Buy the second one, off the 2nd license of T-Bone for $10, you get
    Proximity FREE

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  10. Unfiltered Audio TRIAD
    Brand New.
    Multiband Version of BYOME. Existing BYOME owners pay only $49!

    $299 $149
    TRIAD price is valid until June 24!
    Plus local VAT taxes in Europe*
    Save 50% 


    Unfiltered Audio BYOME
    Build Your Own Modular Effect. 40+ effect modules for amazing patches!

    $249 $99
    Plus local VAT taxes in Europe*
    Save 60% 


    DS Audio THORN V1.2
    The software synthesizer for punchy, snappy and aggressive modern sounds

    $199 $99
    Plus local VAT taxes in Europe*
    Save 50%


  11. 13 minutes ago, Matthew Sorrels said:

    Perhaps it's a pricing error?  Do you own any of the other Unfiltered Products?  The email I got said


    I own just about all of them...but it's listed at $49 on their website...and when you add it to
    your cart, it's $49 with it's own voucher added to the cart...

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