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  1. 1 minute ago, Jacques Boileau said:

    With Mixbus, I got a warning message in the log:

    [WARNING]: Ignored VST plugin which is newer than cache: 'C:\Program Files\Vstplugins\WaveShell1-VST 11.0_x64.dll' (cache: 'C:\Users\Jacques\AppData\Local\Mixbus5\cache\vst\9af9eac4a9bf3ee865efb88f49e450d99498c75a.fsi64')

    Here is how I fixed the problem:

    • Open the 'Preferences' window
    • Click on 'Plugin/VST'
    • Click 'clear' on both 'VST Cache' and 'VST Blacklist' (Although I believe only the cache is really necessary)
    • Go back to 'Plugins' and click 'Scan for Plugins'
    • Finally: go make yourself a coffee, it's going to be awhile..


    That's exactly what I did and it still didn't work...but I also didn't get an error message....so IDK what's up

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  3. $199


    RootOne lets you add and shape 3 bands of subharmonic content for the perfect tonal balance. Whether you need to make one part of your mix meet the others, or if you need more low-end overall, you can take the second-guessing out of your workflow when bass matters most. This unique plugin completes your low-end with clean, phase-aligned subharmonics, and you’ll never have to worry about frequency interference or detachment.

    The analysis-synthesis algorithm is effective across a far wider range of sources than traditional solutions, which means more applications, more trust, and more bass. The perfect kick, bass guitar, or bass synth pluck are only a few clicks away.


  4. 4 minutes ago, locrian said:

    So that means if you WUP now renewal is calculated relative to the expiration date of each plugin (which at most will be just one year) ... yes?

    Now you get the following message:

    1 year of Waves Update Plan coverage is capped at $240 for all non-identical products.

    Your Waves Update Plan exceeds the $240 cap due to either selecting multiple identical licenses, or the coverage you’re about to purchase is for more than 1 year for some of the selected licenses.

    So they have, indeed, capped it at one year for the products you select.  If those products go beyond 1 year, you pay more!

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  5. 25 minutes ago, balinas said:

    Update through the app is stuck in circles here.  Of all the updates to Bandlab over the last few years, only one has ever proceeded smoothly through the app itself.  

    A functional chord track in Cakewalk would probably bring me back full time.  But on to other updates and downloads right now!

    All of mine have worked up until this one.  It was the first time I had to get download the BLA Installer and reinstall before
    the update would work.

  6. Just now, locrian said:

    What is this marvelous, magical, mysterious trick you speak of?

    I gave everyone a way to get 2 years of WUP for the price of one when you were ready
    to buy WUP.  Buy a new plugin, then include that new plugin in the WUP purchase.
    WUP is renewed from the LAST expiration date of your plugins, which would be 1 year
    from the purchase of the NEW plugin, giving you 2 years for the price of one...
    but they've killled the ability to do that!

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