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  1. 3 minutes ago, Promidi said:

    I wonder if this is because the feature update reinstalled a generic display driver. 

    Did you try reinstalling your display drivers prior to rolling back to 20H2 (or whatever you had before)?

    Remember, feature updates ignore the group policy settings to tell Microsoft to ignore drivers.

    I am sure other users have updated to 21H1 where this has not happened.

    I tried everything, and the only thing that got me back was uninstalling the cumulative update today...
    I'm still on 21H1, but just uninstalled the most recent update and all is well!

  2. Just a warning...don't know if it was exclusive to me or what, but the update
    today for Windows 21H1 switched my display resolution to 640 x 480 and would
    NOT let me change it back...video settings were completely greyed out.
    I had to uninstall the Update in order to be able to get
    back to 1920 x 1080.

    ( I have a Sony 50" 4K Monitor/TV)

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  3. 18 minutes ago, Grem said:

    Why, what happened?

    While the products are "ok" to "iffy" their support is non-existent...and that's the problem
    with them.  If YOU have a problem...it's basically YOUR problem, as you're not likely to get
    any help from them

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  4. Pastoral Tones is a sample-based instrument inspired by the sound aesthetic of Boards Of Canada. The plugin includes 61 preset sounds to choose from including analog synthesizers, flutes, vintage brasses, strings, electric pianos, sound FXs, basses, and atmospheres.

    Available as a VST/AU plugin instrument for Windows 8.1/10 and macOS El Capitan to Mojave (not compatible with Catalina and up). It's also available as an affordable sample pack for all OS! :-)

    Best of all, for this weekend only, you can get Pastoral Tones at 50% Off by using the code headphase

    Simply copy/paste the code in the discount code field during checkout and wait a few seconds to see the price cut in half!

    $12 with code


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  5. Knif Audio Knifonium
    The unique tube sound of Knif Audio's Knifonium in a plugin! A virtual synthesizer developed by Brainworx and packed with digital technology like patented TMT, M/S Filters, and new FX Modules.

    $299 $49.99
    Plus local VAT taxes if required*
    Save 83% with your checkout code:

    Copy/paste this code during checkout!

    DS Audio Thorn V1.2
    Thorn is a virtual instrument that was designed to be easy to use and create really modern sounds. And it gets you there with just a few mouse clicks.

    $199 $39.99
    Plus local VAT taxes if required*
    Save 80% with your checkout code:

    Copy/paste this code during checkout!

    Brainworx bx_oberhausen
    The World's 1st TMT Synth! Our bx_oberhausen synthesizer is a virtual instrument like no other. Stacked with patented TMT & M/S features, and offering a powerful set of effect modules.

    $249 $39.99
    Plus local VAT taxes if required*
    Save 84% with your checkout code:

    Copy/paste this code during checkout!


    Voucher is still active if it hasn't been used yet


  6. 14 minutes ago, Reid Rosefelt said:

    I think we all know the game with ridiculous list prices, and can figure it out.  It doesn't bother me. 

    But  I'll tell you what does make me mad:

    Waves will sell you something for $26 or put it in a bundle for $5 or  give it to you for free, but tell you its list price  is $199 or $299. 

    But that becomes a REAL NUMBER if later on you want to resell or whup it.  Ouch!  😡


    I agree...the only saving grace that Waves DID have was that transfers were free...and they threw that 
    out the window.  No more Waves for me...YMMV

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  7. For this week only you can save 25% off Kinderklavier, a classic toy piano, sampled in great detail. It features 25 keys, each sampled with 8 round robin variations and an average of 6 velocity layers. It also includes a variety of sound designed ambiences crafted from the raw recordings.  They have a klonky, reverberant character, with a raw unpredictability that makes this instrument perfect for scoring animation and children's music.



  8. Synapse Audio has released World of Cinematic 2, its largest soundset for DUNE 3 to date, created by professional sound designer Kevin Schroeder. With 150 patches, it is more than twice as large as World of Cinematic 1.

    All patches support the modulation wheel, and many patches respond to additional controllers like breath, aftertouch or velocity as well, thus offering high flexibility and expression.

    Price: $40 in the Synapse Audio shop. Note: This soundset requires DUNE v3.4 or later to be installed, it will not work properly with older versions.

    About the author Kevin Schroeder

    Kevin is a sound designer who programs sounds for well-known synthesizer manufacturers, as well as film composers Hans Zimmer, Trevor Morris and Paul Haslinger. Most recently he has programmed the sounds for the motion pictures James Bond 007 - No time to die, Wonder Woman 1984, Top Gun Maverick and others.




  9. Statement Lead was designed for the modern producer and songwriter in the EDM, drum and bass, and house genres. To achieve the very best sound sources for Statement, we carefully recorded and processed the sounds of rare, well-known, expensive hardware synths to produce 90 different wave forms in 11 different categories to serve as sound sources. This is the synth that inspires you to make a statement.

    "After my first collaboration with Softube at Monoment Bass, I had a lot of fun again with our second joint project Statement Lead. Once again, I made full use of my studio, recording rare vintage (Synclavier, Four Voice, Deckard’s Dream, etc.) and modern (Schmidt synth and modular stuff) hardware and software synths – but not raw and dry, but already with several processing steps to get the waveform sound you can hear in Statement Lead. I think the result is great, many unique features like the great filter and the little sequencer make Statement Lead a fantastic lead synth for many use cases."

    Tobias Menguser
    Sound designer and rare synth collector

    With Monoment Bass, you can blend noise with two different sources at once for a textured and highly complex sound. It comes with professional presets and works as a native instrument plug-in and as modules in Modular, Softube’s Eurorack platform. The core of a song is built around little more than a beat, a vocal, and a rich, living bass sound, and Monoment can help you get that bass sound just right.

    "It’s very cool for the subs and those dirty bass sounds! I think it’s perfect for the low end and mid-range bass jobs."

    Madison Mars
    DJ & Producer

    Get Statement Lead and Monoment Bass for 50% off

    Now, for 48 hours only, you can get Statement Lead or Monoment Bass for just $49 each – that’s a savings of 50%. If you’re interested getting both synths, the discount applies to both. To take advantage of this voucher, log in to your Softube account and use this checkout code:



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