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  1. Our power went out about 3 AM, and just now came back on...
    we had Tornado sirens about 11 PM last night...and severe thunderstorms.
    They said it may not be back on until 11 PM tonight, but it just came back
    on!  HURRAY!

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  2. Pacific loyalty Sales at Performance Samples

    For the upcoming Pacific Strings in july, multiple Sales are running out now.


    Kontakt Full required

    This sale lasts through the 28th of June.

    VISTA *** $249 (reg. $339)

    ANGRY BRASS PRO – SOLOISTS *** $99 (reg. $189)

    ANGRY BRASS PRO – ENSEMBLES *** $99 (reg. $189)

    ANGRY WOODWINDS PRO *** $79 (reg. $139)

    PERFPERC – VOLUME I *** $109 (reg. $279)

    PERFPERC – VOLUME II *** $89 (reg. $229)

    PERFPERC – VOLUME III *** $79 (reg. $169)

    PERFPERC – COMPLETE BUNDLE *** $239 (reg. $439)




  3. Bremmers Audio Design has updated MultitrackStudio to v10.1 and it now supports LV2 plugins. Also, VST3 plugin compatibility has been improved. Available for Windows and Mac.

    The price for the Standard version is $69 and for the Pro version $119. Users who purchased MultitrackStudio after October 28th, 2013 are entitled to lifetime free updates. The upgrades for the older versions: $39 for Pro and $23 for Standard.



  4. Deskew Gig Performer® 4 – UNLOCKED Edition

    This version can be purchased separately and lets you run ANY VST2/VST3/AU plugins, from PA or any other plugin manufacturer.

    The V4 Upgrade is FREE for all customers who bought the GP 3 at full price in 2021. Please contact Customer Support to get your free V4 license if you qualify! If you have bought V3 discounted or before 2021 the upgrade price is $99.99, see below.

    GP V3 Upgrades & PA Partner Offers
    Save BIG if you already own Gig Performer® 3, Gig Performer® 4 PA Edition, any PA amp plugin, or any PA virtual instrument. Log in to your account and simply add the Gig Performer® 4 UNLOCKED to your cart!

    GP 4 UNLOCKED - Upgrade Special: Just $99.99*

    If you have no active plan for the MUSICIAN or MEGA Bundle you can purchase a single, perpetual license for Deskew Gig Performer® 4 – UNLOCKED Edition.

    List Price $199

    Email Intro Price – Just $149.99* with your voucher code:


    Use this code during checkout to save $50. Valid until July 1st.
    Please feel free to share this code with your friends.


  5. 17 minutes ago, Zo said:

    Yeah i know homie , thinking of switching soon but since i have 2 computers at least to be synced i need to make one and then the other to always have a back up in case ....my main problem is the control other craps in windows 10 , updates being one of them ...i really update if NEEDED .... 

    I will also make sure the system latency is great , OS services / drivers playing a big role on that ... i have 2 options :

    1) Freezing my computers at actual states and wait to switch to 11 in a year or two when mature .

    2) Switch to win 10 now , so to an already obsolete os ...

    Updates are fully controllable Zo.  You can opt in or out...not an issue

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  6. Cinematic Piano is a rich and beautiful-sounding acoustic piano plugin. Perfect for cinematic scores, backdrop atmospheres, and piano solos, Cinematic Piano combines real-life recordings of an acoustic piano with electronic sound design. The result is a deep sound that doesn't require any mastering to sound good.

    Cinematic Piano requires very little CPU, the embedded sound samples have been compressed to 1.17 GB (2.35 GB uncompressed) to use as little RAM as possible

    Available as a VST/AU for Windows 8.1/10 and macOS El Capitan to Mojave (not compatible with Catalina and up).

    Best of all, as a subscriber, you can get Cinematic Piano at 50% Off by using the code theater

    Simply copy/paste the code in the discount code field and wait a few seconds to see the price cut in half!


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  7. NEW Expansion Pack for BioTek 2

    Wipe the sweat from you brow and embrace the heat with this huge Tropical House pack for BioTek 2. Miclop delivers once again, cramming exotic grooves, sun drenched plucks, warm bass, chilled pads and more into a highly versatile sound pack. Pick it up today and kickstart your summer productions!

    Includes 100 carefully crafted Tropical House synth and percussion presets.

    BUY ON SALE $30

    Normal price $50

    Sale ends soon!

    Requires BioTek v2.2.2 or later and Download Manager v1.0.7 or later.
    Download latest versions.

    Get it FREE if you buy or upgrade to Biotek 2
    But $199


    Upgrade $99


  8. FREE

    Yamaha C5 Grand features:

    Instrument Interface (Headroom).

    VOICE Management Interface - Unison, Glide, Audiowarp, Pitch.

    FILTER Section Interface - Filter types X-Y Pad.

    ENVELOPE Interface - Amp, Filter, Pitch, User envelopes.

    LFO Interface - LFO 1, LFO 2.

    MODULATION Matrix Interface.

    EFFECT Interface (EQ, Comp, Reverb, Delay).





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  9. SideMinder 2 is the 2nd generation mono-band dynamic stereo width maximizer that can increase the stereo width of a track, bus and/or master mix while limiting over-widening that can produce signal loss when mixed or played in mono.

    SideMinder 2 uses latency-compensated FIR correlation detectors that "listen to" the incoming stereo signal and precisely and rapidly turn down the width when it detects the signal is going into negative correlation. Additional stages of filtering control the recovery speed of the width limiting action which is adjustable via the Release control.

    SideMinder 2 is a complete update to the original SideMinder plugin and includes these new features:

    Improved stereo width limiter algorithm - produces more transparent width control and a wider, more "3D-like", stereo image.

    User-resizable GUI that automatically scales for high DPI video monitors.

    Numerical values of controls displayed on the GUI.

    Double-click text entry of control values.

    I/O Trim control for level matching.

    Bass Mono on/off control to allow easy quick audition of the bass mono action.

    SideMinder 2 can be used as an audio processing tool to automatically increase stereo width or it can be used as a visualization tool to help make better mix decisions.

    SideMinder 2 is a 64-bit plugin available in VST, VST3, AAX and AU formats for Windows and Mac OS 10.11 up (M1/ARM requires Rosetta).

    Free demos can be downloaded from the RJ Studios website.




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