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  1. Happy Halloween week! At Simple Samples Audio we're celebrating in style with a festive website look, huge library updates, & 30% off all samples store-wide. Plus, don't miss the FREE Horror Harp ($30 value) available through Oct 31! If you've already downloaded some of our libraries, check your inbox for the latest FREE updates, including new slick GUI, performance enhancements, & FX across the board!

    But wait...there's more! Next week we'll be releasing updated versions of Beard Blade Toolkit & Monster Sanctuary Toolkit with more features & new looks, which will result in a price increase for each. If you've been on the fence for either library, nab them now at 30% off and you'll get grandfathered in to free updates forever!


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  2. Here's the reply I received from MF...

    There should be download instructions or a URL website address for downloading. If there is contact information for the manufacturer you may want to contact them and see what they can recommend. Please let us know if you require further assistance.


    Which says nothing.  The manufacturer (Presonus) is NOT going to know if I purchased it or not...why would they?
    They didn't sell it to me, nor would they have the information.  Either the code should have been in the box, OR
    they should have generated a code at the time of sale.  Seems extremely ODD that there would be no code 
    "in the box".

    Anyways....it's only 2 cents (with free shipping!) so no biggie...and that's my 2 cents worth 🤪

  3. Unlockable 48-hour offer: 58% off Tonelux Tilt and Tilt Live

    Tonelux Tilt is fast and easy. You can get your basic sound in place in seconds, with a single knob. Make a track sit better in the mix, make it sound warmer or cooler, go from shimmering bright to warm and wide with instant results. It also comes with a Tilt Live version, which is optimized for live sound engineers and perfect when you need to tweak the whole mix to adjust for ear fatigue. This is a filter on steroids.

    "This Tilt EQ really is a quick, one knob fixer. I’m finding it very easy to get a fast, great sounding result, and a lot of times, at festivals and such, speed is of the essence. The Loudness curve does exactly what it’s supposed to as well. Cool stuff!"

    John Kerns
    FOH Engineer, Sum 41, No Doubt

    "Tilt can help you get sounds so fast you’ll feel like you’re cheating."

    Tape OP Magazine

    Now, for 48 hours only, you can get Tonelux Tilt and Tilt Live for just $37 – that’s a savings of 58%. To take advantage of this voucher, log in to your Softube account and use this checkout code:


    See all unlockable offers

  4. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the theremin's invention!

    Download this FREE preset pack for Theremin+. From warm atmospheric pads to experimental synth leads and much more! This free preset pack really showcases just how versatile this library can be. Theremin+ is currently on sale now for only $9 (Reg . $19)

    *This is only available to existing owners of Theremin+.*


  5. Ueberschall has released Synthesizer Solos, a new library for the Elastik player.

    Here's what they say:

    When it comes to virtuoso solo performances, virtual instruments can't fake it. You need the real deal. That's exactly what the 'Solo' series of libraries delivers: inspiring solo performances from top-class instrumentalists in a convenient loop and phrase format. In Synthesizer Solos, you get a masterclass in solo improvisation delivered using four different classic analog synthesizer sounds. If your latest track needs to shred a classic keyboard solo, Synthesizer Solos will provide all the fast finger action you need.

    The library features 1.7GB of sample data in total, with over 570 loops and phrases. 143 performances are available, played with four different sounds. A range of musical keys are used, and tempos spans the 108 to 124 BPM range. However, with Elastik's powerful timestretch and ReTune technology, you have all the flexibility you need to slot the phrases into your project. Loop lengths vary depending upon the style of the solo but the phrases are logically organized in style-based groups, so it's easy to build a solo of any length. The four synth sounds used are full of analog goodness but recorded dry; simply add your own reverb, delay or other effects to taste. By layering the sounds or morphing from one to the other you can create fat unisono leads or interesting solo variations.

    Ueberschall's Elastik Loop Player allows easy matching of loops in tempo, scale, key and pitch to your own song projects. The intuitive browser manages not only the loops of Synthesizer Solos but all Elastik libraries for immediate access to all samples. Creative tools such as resample, formant and reverse as well as an extended sequence mode enable creative sound design on the fly.


    Credits: All Synths played by Klaus Henatsch (Nektar).

    1.7 GB, 572 Loops & Phrases.

    Instrument: Synthesizer.

    Elastik Soundbank for Mac/Win - AU/VST/AAX/StandAlone.

    Elastik Player included - no sampler required.

    Price: 49,- Euro.



    With code CMDISCON60

    Full Kontakt required

    Violins A:


    Violins B:








    Module Discontinuation Sale through Nov. 5, 2020 and is applicable to all the individual Con Moto modules - Violins A, Violins B, Violas, Cellos, and Basses. Does not apply to the bundle.


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  7. 60% off every plugin and 30% off all bundles

    The sale is valid from October 23rd and will last only until October 29th at 21:00 (Italy time).

    Have a look at the countdown on our site and do not miss the chance to have our latest plugins for less than half the price!

    Just go to 


    to get the special prices!

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