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  1. To celebrate Piano Day (the 88th day of the year), we are running a generous sale on our highly acclaimed piano libraries.

    Save up to 35% on specially curated bundles, or pick and choose which libraries you would like with up to 25% off individual pianos.

    Whether you are a composer, producer, or musician, this is a fantastic opportunity to add high-quality pianos to your sound arsenal at an unbeatable price.


  2. Freetakt is the new choice for musicians and producers who seek quality and versatility without spending a fortune. As a free sampler, it offers powerful features and an intuitive interface, without compromising sound quality.
    Freetakt is the perfect alternative to the paid Kontakt, offering a vast library of high-quality samples and support for plugins and integration with other DAWs. If you want to create music without worrying about budget, try Freetakt now and discover how you can access professional tools without spending much.




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  3. Deal of the week by Function Loops.
    Vocal Mega Bundle. 87% Off.

    Only $17

    Get over 2,000 high-quality vocal samples, hooks, and phrases, but also instrument and drums, at an unbeatable discounted price.

    • 8 best selling Function Loops packs

    • 2046 files total

    • Over 5GB of files

    • 137$ retail, 87% off!

    • Vocals, Drums, Melodies, Basses, Instruments, SFX, etc.

    • Loops, One-Shots, MIDI, Stems

    • Construction Kits & Acapellas

    • 100% royalty-free


  4. Rhapsody 1.1.0 Out Now

    Hi, this is just a quick email to let you know that a new version of Rhapsody has been released.

    The main changes are:

    Fresh instances of the plugin will check once per week if there are any updates to Rhapsody (not the instruments) and notify you.

    The instrument installer now has a batch mode. If you have lwz files from multiple instruments in the same folder Rhapsody will ask if you want to install them all at once.

    Rhapsody will remember the last samples installation folder you selected

    Windows installer is code signed

    The three Rhapsody instruments (Dulcius, Emerald Flute, Michaela's Harp) have also received an update. Only the data files have been updated so you only need to download these. You don't need to redownload the samples.

    To update the instruments just install them as you would if they weren't already installed. Rhapsody will overwrite the old version with the new.


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  5. 4 minutes ago, simon said:

    seriously ?!? - where does it say that ?

    it's almost funny 

    Look up "Klaus Schwab".  He's the "Leader" of the WEF (World Economic Forum).  He has a book called "The Great Reset"
    and in it is stated the "You'll own NOTHING...and you'll be happy" motto.  Their GOAL is to
    RESET the World Economy under which you will own NO PERSONAL PROPERTY WHATSOEVER! 
    It's not funny in the least, and they are DEAD SERIOUS!

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