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  1. For a limited time only, we’re offering 50% off an HD 300 Pro Studio Headphone or 30% off an evolution Drum Set.  Offer valid until Tuesday, October 27th 2020. US only on Sennheiser.com.

    Use the code below at checkout to apply discount.

    HD 300 Pro Headphones

    Reg. $199.95 Now. $99.97 with exclusive coupon: WeLoveDrums
    Perfect headphones for editing, playing or composing music, and regardless of whether you’re behind a drum kit, at the mixing desk, in a live setting or in the studio, the HD 300 PRO provides the details that you need for making good decisions.
    Learn more now

    evolution Drum Microphone Set

    Reg. $999.95 Now. $699.30 with exclusive coupon: WeLoveDrums
    It’s everything you need for a powerful drum performance or recording.
    Learn more now

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  2. from WA Productions

    Inside Psytrance Tantra, you will find 3GB of alluring sounds of middle eastern instrumentation, epic orchestral stabs, intricate strings, and dramatic brass. More, it’s packed with drum loops with a seductive sway and bass lines with an intuitive sense of motion that you can feel. 


     Offer Expires Oct 30, 2020

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  3. U-He has updated its free virtual synth Zebralette with new, resizable GUI and support for macOS Big Sur.

    Zebralette is a polyphonic wavetable synthesizer with a 16-slot wave set, waveform editing, 24 spectral effects, 3 audio effects, a 32-stage envelope generator and 300 factory sounds. It is available in VST, VST3, and AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac, and you can download it without signing up for an account.


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  4. In a single click, our intelligent algorithm will generate something entirely new, either at random, or based around your own musical ideas.

    "The most significant percussion tool in more than a decade."

    - Stephen Barton (Composer: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)

    "Might be the only percussion instrument you need."

    - Don Bodin (Reviewer: samplelibraryreview.com)

    "PercX is really something fresh and different in the crowded world of percussion libraries. Even though it acts like a loops library, under the hood is a deeply-sampled single-hits library with a built-in sequencing engine, and it unites the best aspects of all three."

    - Charlie Clouser (Composer: SAW Horror Franchise)

    We at Auddict are absolutely thrilled to bring you an instrument that has been in the making for over two years. Hundreds of hours were spent recording and producing an enormous number of different instruments in many different locations. Our engine has been tirelessly and repeatedly reprogrammed, re-evaluated and redesigned to give the best possible creative and enjoyable user experience.

    PercX is the perfect synergy between samples and loops, handling both worlds to and beyond their limits.

    Runs as a standalone, VST, AU and AAX plugin. Compatible with all major DAWs.

    - 500+ instruments available. Taikos, Toms, Snares, Kicks, Hats, Bombos, Hybrid SFX, Chinese Toms, Dhols, Djuns and Frame Drums are just a few of the many instruments included in PercX. You name it. We have it.

    - All instruments function as both multi-RR sampled instruments with up to eight dynamic layers, or as fully customizable loops.

    - Use the Dynamics slider to turn PercX into a responsive Percussion ensemble that plays with real-time controllable dynamics. The Dynamics control allows you to change the dynamics of an instrument with a single knob in real-time with various scaling modes that preserve the dynamic relation even down to the lowest levels.

    - All mixing tools and effects have been designed with percussion in mind. We've condensed some of the most interesting effects into single knobs with either one or two dials.

    - The playback engine of PercX makes sure that the prerolls and transients of your arrangements will always be perfectly locked in tempo. The MIDI editing also snaps to the transients for a musical workflow.

    - Map any number of parameters to one of eight macro controls. Adjust the range and curve of each connection. Connect the Macros to one of three modulation sources.

    All instruments have been created in a musical context and you can use the original rhythms to jump-start your compositions. You can use them as they are, tweak them a little bit, or completely deconstruct the patterns and compose entirely new material.

    If that isn't enough, "manual mode" lets you play the instrument like a traditional sample library, with very high numbers of RR repetitions and up to eight dynamic layers.


    Instead of including another standard compressor and saturator we went back to the drawing board and developed an entire set of tremendously powerful one knob effects.

    All the complex "sweet spot" adjustment have been taken care of, so that instead of turning countless tiny sliders, you can throw them in the mix and get inspired right away.

    PercX Core = $99
    PercX Pro = $149
    Upgrade from Core to Pro = $99


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