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  1. That's a fact! We're not a forum...we're family! That become obvious with Terry (Musical)...may he continue to rest in peace! I came here at Sonar X1 and never left because of people like Bitflipper, Bapu, Fleer, and Bass Daddy, and Mesh... and a bunch of others... The mutual support, and the fellowship, along with a plethora of deals is what makes this my home!
  2. Usually you have to go to Best Service, which is affiliated with Sonuscore and input the Redemption Serial there... https://account.bestservice.com/account/products.html?register=1 S
  3. Correction again...I had it...it just wasn't by the full name
  4. I stand corrected...I had yesterdays...but not this one
  5. I think these are the same one's because I already have them!
  6. Check it out here...53 packs for Graphic Artists https://www.humblebundle.com/software/biggest-graphics-ever-2-software
  7. (hint - Time Space fix your price!)
  8. It has single hits, and loops, and uses the Kontakt Interface (FULL) The TRINITY System The central idea of TRINITY DRUMS is the separation of the different elements of a groove. Every rhythmic theme is divided by frequency into three independent layers (Low, Mid and High Drums) which together will form a full groove, but can be combined at will. Each of these layers is available in multiple variations of different complexity, providing maximum flexibility to adjust them to your composition. Playable Groove Variations With the Phrase Sync Mode it is possible to switch and combine different variations and layers of a groove live on your keyboard without descending into rhythmic chaos. The instrument intelligently adjusts the timing of newly triggered grooves to fit the currently playing rhythm, creating an intuitively playable instrument. Open Layer Exchange With a large variety of rhythmic themes, TRINITY DRUMS is designed to inspire and support the composition process. Trying something new and combining different ideas can be an enormous source of inspiration. That is why this instrument gives you the possibility to exchange single layers between suitable themes to create completely new styles.
  9. Update your plugin for free to get the new presets: See the list of new presets added. December 5, 2021 48 new artist presets added to Retro Fi by Billy Bush, Dave Darlington, Emre Ramazanoglu, Graham Reznick, Lamps, MarioSo DeJesus, Mick Gordon, Roni Size, Seige Monstracity, Surachai, Teffler, Tim Kvasnosky. https://www.waves.com/account/get-latest-version
  10. Audioblast has released BreadSlicer, a free effect plugin for MacOS, Windows and Linux in VST, AudioUnit and AAX plug-in formats. BreadSlicer is a free live auto-slice / auto-break plugin effect: insert the FX on a track or bus, it takes the audio and breaks it into slices, and re-arranges the slices randomly to create cool effects. It comes with 3 parameters: On/off button to trigger the effect. Slice size (1/4 BAR, 1/8 BAR or 1/16 BAR). Gate size. https://www.audioblast.me/breadslicer/
  11. Crocus Soundware's new Liminal: Winds is available for $36 during the product's introductory period. This is a 40% reduction from the non-sale price. This product can also be bundled with Liminal: Chamber Strings for $60, which is a 50% reduction. Liminal products work with the free HALion Sonic SE plugin, as well as the HALion 6 and HALion Sonic. http://www.crocussoundware.com/
  12. Includes Lo-ki Electric Piano and Ha-pi Harp for $44.50 direct from Sonuscore https://sonuscore.com/shop/glow-bundle/
  13. It's something new in the Abbey Road line...
  14. Yeah...I got it free a while ago....but still $10...or nothing if you have enough points, is a great deal!
  15. Discover 60+ classical instruments delivering powerful and nuanced sounds of ensembles and solo instruments. Take control of your own orchestra and create complex performances rich with playing styles and articulations! Offer valid through Dec. 13th https://www.uvi.net/orchestral-suite
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