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  1. This feature seems to exist in both Cubase & Audacity and maybe other DAW applications. However it looks like it was not implemented correctly in both DAWs, so for correct implementation check foobar2000 and VLC Player. The prevention should happen only during actual playback or recording and not just when the application is running. I would directly bind it with the GUI playback/recording buttons/keys.
  2. When I open .CWP project file, all midi channels go to Midi Output 2, instead to Midi Output 1. This looks like a Windows 10 problem.
  3. Windows 10 Enterprise N x64 CbB v26.09.0.006 Fresh install without any prior VC++ redistributable packages. CbB installs four VC++ redistributable packages, three of them are x64, but the one from 2013 is x86. I fixed it by installing the x64 version of the 2013 VC++ redistributable package (without system restart). Most probably you will have to replace the x86 one with the x64 to fix the installer.
  4. @scook, yes, you are correct, TFS means Team Foundation Server. @Glenn Stanton, thank you for your suggestions. With the existing versioning there are just hundreds of files and after awhile it is hard to say what exactly you did in each one and how much it differs from the others. There's an interesting discussion here: https://discourse.ardour.org/t/how-is-version-control-not-a-thing-in-daws/89124 Lets hope that there will be a motivation to write .wrk/.cwp comparer that works with TFS or some other VCS.
  5. Please consider adding an option to prevent screensaver & monitor standby during playback/recording. C++ example: On playback/recording: SetThreadExecutionState(ES_CONTINUOUS | ES_SYSTEM_REQUIRED | ES_DISPLAY_REQUIRED); On stop/pause: SetThreadExecutionState(ES_CONTINUOUS); SetThreadExecutionState on MSDN Foobar:
  6. Is it possible to: Bring back the SoundFonts... menu option from Sonar 8.5? Implement seamless integration of Version Control with TFS? Add general setting for each midi output device to compensate* the playback (non real time) latency? * It means to send all midi messages to that midi output device earlier with NN.N ms or even go further & automate the process by measuring the latency just like it is done for audio.
  7. I would like to report a drawing problem with the Sysex window (the DataGridView control). When the Sysex window gets focus, it is slowly drawn on the screen. It happens only with that window and it also happens when the application gains focus with that window open. I don't think that the OS and GPU matter in that case, but here is the info: OS: Windows 7 64bit GPU: XFX GT240 512MB DDR5; Driver: 342.01 Resolution: 2560 x 1600 It happened with the previous versions as well, so this is an old bug.
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