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  1. going off this post: Seems like this was done on purpose. really terrible idea for a pro product. If no one has an issue with it, or not enough people, then it seems like they will stick with this. Hence my suggestion for more people to let them know that needing to be online is just crazy.
  2. so it seems, from reading the the links posted, that the need to be on the internet to use the program is intended. I've never owned software that was only able to be used if one was online. That's kind of absurd. And actually renders this software useless to me, as I want to use it in live settings. No internet at a gig. Maybe some random hotspot. But that's ridiculous. Especially for a pro product like this. Can you imagine having to explain to the band that the reason you cant play drums is cause your cant get a wifi signal? Definitely takes the shine off this bargain. I opened a support ticket requesting offline authorization, but haven't heard anything. Maybe if enough people complain about this, they will back down from this.
  3. same issue here. what a bummer. i dont want to have to be online to use the software. thats crazy. When I tried to authorize offline, its not possible. Reading all the documentation points to a work off line button. however, that button does not exist. I see no other way to authorize offline. bummer. Sounds great though and im happy to have it for so cheap. But this part sucks. what are they thinking?
  4. this is a no brainer for sure! Ive wanted to get bfd3, but I didnt want to spend $300 for it. I've had BFD eco for many years, but dont use it. I think I got it for $20 or something very low. So, for only $50, you get BFD3 and $384 worth of additional packs. That's a pretty good deal! You have to jump through a few hoops, but not too bad. Thanks to the info already provided on this thread, I was able to get it all going relatively ez.
  5. Hugh Mann


    Thank you for checking it out. Appreciate it. I love me some prog myself. Thanks for the advice. I do think the keys are a little static. So I think you are right in what you are feeling there. I'll keep working on it. :)
  6. Hugh Mann


    Thank you all for taking the time to listen and give great feedback. I'll work on a new version and post again when done. :)
  7. Hugh Mann


    thank you for checking it out and the feedback. I will implement the suggestions. :)
  8. Hugh Mann


    Thank you for taking the time to listen and for pulling it up on your system. I'll dial back the high end. Thanks for the feedback and for taking the time. That's a good point on adding more moving synths. I'll do that. :) Thanks for checking it out. Consensus is too much high end. Will definitely dial that back. The guitars are sort of the star of this production. They are done my friend. Thanks everyone for taking the time to listen and to give feedback. Very helpful and very appreciated! :)
  9. Hugh Mann


    Hello. moody little work in progress here. any tips or suggestions? thank you. https://module8.bandcamp.com/track/moonlit
  10. it’s all just tools. I avoided macs for years because you would get more power cheaper with windows. But with the new m1 chip...things have just changed big time. We are talking incredible cpu power with no heat, no fan noise, and low power usage. Up to 20 hrs battery life..I got an m1 MacBook Pro. It changes the way you use computers. I don’t have to think about plugging in. Or heat. And I have a powerful machine that handles anything I can throw at it. It’s where laptops should have been years ago.
  11. Hugh Mann

    In Circles

    it was an enjoyable, trippy ride.
  12. Hugh Mann

    Ocean View

    That was really nice. the guitar was smooth and I think I got a nice little flashback buzz from listening, lol. I agree on the guitar being out of place a bit. re: the mixing issues you described..I had the same problem for years. decades. . I kept buying better and better gear, but I was still never happy with my mixes....then...I finally caved in and acoustically treated my room. it was something I didnt want to 'waste' money on, being that its kind of expensive for the sum of its materials. but now, whatever sound I get in my room, sounds the same in any speakers or headphones I try. that gives me way more confidence in my mixes and lets me get creative. I would say look into that.
  13. Hugh Mann

    Majesty - EDM pop

    I really liked that. very stereo sounding and it was a nice, fun, mellow, journey. remixers would love it too. :)
  14. nice voice and pretty good sounding mix.
  15. good songs can be done in any style and still work. This is a good song. Well done.
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