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  1. Hugh Mann

    In Circles

    it was an enjoyable, trippy ride.
  2. That was really nice. the guitar was smooth and I think I got a nice little flashback buzz from listening, lol. I agree on the guitar being out of place a bit. re: the mixing issues you described..I had the same problem for years. decades. . I kept buying better and better gear, but I was still never happy with my mixes....then...I finally caved in and acoustically treated my room. it was something I didnt want to 'waste' money on, being that its kind of expensive for the sum of its materials. but now, whatever sound I get in my room, sounds the same in any speakers or headphones I try. that gives me way more confidence in my mixes and lets me get creative. I would say look into that.
  3. Hugh Mann

    Majesty - EDM pop

    I really liked that. very stereo sounding and it was a nice, fun, mellow, journey. remixers would love it too. :)
  4. nice voice and pretty good sounding mix.
  5. good songs can be done in any style and still work. This is a good song. Well done.
  6. Hugh Mann


    that was really nice. it could be updated easily to sound more "modern", if you wanted to. But then that would sound dated in five years or whatever, lol. Either way, really silky guitars and nice groove all around. I was digging it.
  7. I heard from a well educated doctor (went to T University) that it was a rather large lady named Aunt Ifa and a hot can of soup. Many people have said this, so it must be true. ...I'll show myself out...
  8. aww. I thought you guys liked joking around. Guess not so much. the guy is saying I’m witless and I thought I gave a bit of a witty reply, lol. You guys ever see the movie mean girls? That’s fine. I’ll leave. No need to be rude. Btw, like I said, I’m a long time lurker, and I really enjoy your posts about your life in music. But that’s fine. I’m really only interested in the deals and songs section anyway. Have your little world. No worries. Peace and love.
  9. that was awesome. I really enjoyed it. I felt like I was on ride to outer space. It really does invoke lots of imagery. Thats really cool you are making it available to everyone. Hopefully you get rewarded for that generosity.
  10. Hugh Mann


    That was really good. Classic songwriter driven kind of song. Cant say I agree with the lyrics, but its much better, and way more creative, then a Facebook rant, lol. Very talented.
  11. wow. that gave me chills from how freaking good it is. I love int all. The music, the haunting voice...awesome video. I wish you lots of success.
  12. more like a battle of twits. You should come to one of the ANTIFA meetings. They have jackets. And they serve cake and tea. :D.
  13. Craigb. You sound like a crazy person. Your facts are wrong and its not worth arguing about. You are all hyped up politically and it would be nice if you just respected the rules and didn’t spout your ridiculous political agenda. Sigh. Have at it. I was hoping for a place to escape all that bs. Enjoy your Fox News I.V. Or more likely enema, lol. Tada. Not worth even bothering to refute your ridiculous parroted propaganda.
  14. naw, just not gonna let the bs political propaganda remain uncorrected. Again, can we have no politics please?
  15. I can read just fine. Dont bring your political agenda and conspiracy theories here. can we have one place without the political bs? come on man.
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