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  1. I live in California. 2 hours south of LA. I’m familiar with the scene. Before that, I lived in Miami and was part of that scene. I’d name drop, but it’s considered pretty pretentious and desperate. It will get you a lot of eye rolls. Only amateurs desperate to prove they are legit name drop around here, lol. I’ll leave that to you. Maybe a good sales tactic that works for you. Anyway, It’s macs that I see. It’s logic. Everyone I know is using logic. It’s the standard like pro tools. Or final cut for film. But really, who cares if they use Mac or Pc? Is anyone arguing that they are not another set of tools? Macs are great in a lot of situations for many of the reasons I’ve posted. But windows can be fine too. They get the job done, not as sleek and sexy, but that’s fine. Ugly ducklings need love too,. That’s why I feed trolls. We all need love, lol. you are pointing out a very tiny subset of pros that still use pc. That’s interesting. But no matter how you try to spin it, it’s still a tiny subset. Sorry, but you don’t define what pro is. When you make these assertions, like you are the final authority, well…you are gonna get push back from those of us that know better. But It’s good to know that there are some situations where a pc might be more ideal. Cool. It’s really you who is making this a Mac vs pc thing. But then that’s your biz. You sell custom pc. You are not exactly unbiased. That would be fine, but you go too far with it. Like claiming an 8gb ram M1 is only good for a paperweight. That’s bs and really disingenuous, considering you are selling custom pc. I thing outright lies like that hurt the community. Someone that buys into your expert shtick may really think those macs are nothing more than a paperweight. And they’d miss out on a great machine. Or you try to make people feel that only your computers and knowledge are pro enough. Talk about unsavory biz models..,I’m not a fan of the way you put down one tool, even lie about it (paperweight) to elevate the tools you sell. And the custom pc thing really kind of sucks. Years ago, I was at a studio and we ordered a custom pc. Forget the name. Something like cheetah or that was their logo. Whatever. I remember needing to wait for the guy to fly down to California in order to fix it when we had issues. Our studio was shut down till he could get to us. We decided to go Mac after that. But aside from that, I didn’t personally get on the Mac bandwagon till 2018. Before that l stubbornly stuck to windows, they were better at the time. I’m terms of raw power at least. But now everything is powerful. So the sleek package and other niceties are more appreciated. . If pc becomes better in the future, I may go there again. It’s just a tool. And let’s see where things stand in a a year. Apple isn’t sitting in its laurels.
  2. It was years and years of practice. Who are you to judge what help is anyway? Maybe I'm helping some poor up and coming producer? You just never know. If you don't like what I have to say. put me on ignore. I know trolls feed on attention. That's why im giving you some. I like my trolls nice and fat. 🤣
  3. I like turtles. But seriously....Obviously Fender is better. Geddy Lee plays one, so that means all professionals do. And even though I've never owned, or even played a Gibson. I just don't like the way they write their "G". Seems kind of fruity and communist to me. Now, if Gibson had a deal where if you buy a new one for $1800, they will buy it back for $1200 2 years later, I might consider it. 😁
  4. Live your truth. No judgments. Live your truth. 😆 Just out of curiosity, are there any companies you do like? Honestly, I totally get that all of these companies have something that can be strongly disliked about them. Throw in Amazon to the pile. Any number of companies. Or maybe even all of them! It's one of those things that we have collectively just accepted as a part of biz. What's the solution? Boycott everything? Pass laws and regulations? Stifle innovation? Where does it end? Live in a hut on an island? IDK. But I do get that these companies practice some shady isht. It's a dilemma.
  5. That would be fanboy, not fanboys. Since you quoted me. Singular. Sorry to correct you again. 🤣 Do you even own a Mac? Doesn't seem like it, since you didn't know that x86 software works fine via Rosetta. Are you just a cute little troll.? 😁 You are obviously not being serious or adding anything to the discussion. Other than put downs and ill vibes. But that's fine, Im in a feeding mood today. 🤣😁
  6. If we can get past all the anti-fanboy or whatever agendas, we can hopefully have a meaningful, and productive discussion on the merits of one tool, vs another. That would be healthy and fun, I think. There is a point about cost of ownership that I’ve sort of made, but it’s been overlooked among the noise. The resale value of a Mac is something that one should factor in when considering the cost. For example. I bought my first 16inch MacBook Pro in 2018. With student discounts (I’m a student of life and Apple didn’t verify) I ended up paying around 1800$ for it. Got to use it for 2 years (and deal with the horrible throttling). I then sold my 16 inch MacBook Pro right back to Apple. They gave me 1200$ for it. I probably could have gotten more selling it myself, but Apple makes it very convenient. They send you box and pre paid labels. All you do is stick it in the box, and send it off. So in reality, I paid $600 for a top of the line laptop. That's not bad, no matter how you wanna look at it! At the time, there wasn’t a 16inch M1 option, so I tried the M1 air, M1 MacBook pro14, and M1 mini. Apple lets you try em for 14 days and makes the returns very ez. With Time Machine, it was really ez to switch from computer to computer. All my software and settings..everything was set up as with the old one, in around 30 minutes . No issues or goblins. I didn’t like the small screen, so I opted for the Mac mini, and hooked it up to my 55 inch tv. Worked great. I paid less that 700$ for it. I used the same money Apple gave me for my 2018 MacBook Pro to pay for it. Then, the new 16in M1 MacBook Pro came out. So I sold my M1 mini right back to Apple. They gave me $570 for it, and I turned around and bought the 16 M1 MacBook Pro. So all in all, my initial investment has remained. Just pay a small upgrade fee for the latest and greatest. Sort of like with some of the music software we use. That’s something to really consider when assessing the cost of ownership. And something PC windows computers dont offer. With PC, well we all know , you’d be lucky to get a few hundred bucks for what was the top of the line just a few years ago.
  7. I think your point came across clearly. That would be interesting, but I agree with you. Really who cares? using the same pc or Mac that someone else does, isn't gonna give you their talent. As Ive stared many times, these are just tools. Use whatever makes you creative and you can afford. What I am seeing more clearly now, are all the hidden agendas that drive these sort of threads.
  8. You are far more diplomatic and eloquent than I am. Well stated. Now, what are we discussing in this thread?
  9. Come on. You know that for very ten examples you share, someone can put up another 20 that use logic or Macs. And if you put up another 20, there can be another 40 that are on Apple. This really does nothing but serve as a commercial. But you must have known that before posting.
  10. You literally just proved my point. As I previously stated, and you confirm, in order to have a window machine work properly, it has to be tweaked. “Lots of tweaks involved”. In order to know how and what to tweak, one has to either have lots of knowledge, “ (Have done so for 25+ years) I know exactly what needs to be done”. Or “to tweak Win10 for maximum DAW performance, (if) they don't know what they're doing. If it takes hours/days, they're learning/experimenting”. I'll add it can take weeks and months too. So then, if one doesn’t know what to tweak, and one doesn’t want to waste all this time learning and experimenting, one has to go through someone like you, right? And you aint any cheaper than a Mac. And all support has to go through you. That’s an even smaller walled garden than Apple. Can’t even call that a garden. More like stuck in a plotted plant. My view, anyway. So, since there are “Lots of tweaks involved... but I know exactly what needs to be done... and it's the same every time” why don’t you share what those tweaks are so everyone can have an optimized DAW in 15 minutes? Or does someone have to pay for that? Don’t get me wrong. I understand trying to make a living in the music biz. Everyone in it has to hustle. Even the famous and more successful ones. You got computers to sell. Not knocking that. But I do see the bias and conflict of interest.
  11. Im sure you are not seeing the irony in your statement, but the Anti-Fanboys are just as religious. Worse, really. Like your own post. You stated that people would need to replace all their software. That’s completely untrue. Why make such an easily disproven statement? Now I realize its because you are an Anti-Fanboy. Anyway, I corrected that erroneous statement. Because many people really on these forums to expand their knowledge. That’s the spirit of these discussions. I’ve learned a lot from these and many other forums. If people didn’t post misinformation and lies, I wouldn’t post as much. I likely would have been able to achieve my goal of having the lowest post count. Now, because I'm dealing with so many Anti-Fanboys, that dream is ruined.😪 The definition seems to fit some of you perfectly. Anti-Fanboy: -One who has a hatred of certain people, places, companies, etc. without question. They disregard every single thing posted in favor, as crap. -Somebody who hates a certain thing for no apparent reasons, and will not listen to logic. Super annoying, and can be worse than an actual fanboy. -A computer geek that sits all day on his *****, telling things to people for no reason. A troll. Go back and look at my posts. The majority, if not all, are correcting misinformation or outright lies (i.e 8gb ram M1 is only good for a paperweight), or fending off personal attacks. But now I realize I’ve been engaging with Anti-Fanboys. That’s fine. Just a good FYI when engaging.
  12. Oh brother. This kind of personal thing is what gets annoying to me. You do realize that apple still sells computers with intel chips? And I thought the emoticon made it clear I was joking. But aside from all ur “Mercia first crap, what if I’m Chinese? Maybe I’d be happy for the growth of china. Anyway, I’m not Chinese. 🤣 I do have a critique of intel though. For years they just incrementally increased their computing power on a fairly predictable schedule. They got lazy and didn’t innovate as much as they could. Apple, also an American company, come out with a really great chip. That’s not in debate. So now the rest will have to put on their propeller beanies and figure out the heat/ wattage bottleneck. That’s a good thing. What Apple did with the M1 chip is really worthy of admiration. Before the M1 chip, it was a fact of life that more power equals more wattage = more heat = need for cooling= noise =low battery life. Throttling was something we lived with. The M1 completely changed that. No throttling on battery and battery lasts 15-20 hours. . I can do full sessions on battery for 10 hrs. No heat. No fan noise. That’s impressive. And pc windows machines can’t match that right now. That’s impressive and worthy of admiration and praise. Good job Apple! When intel or AMD do something that leapfrogs tech like that, I’ll be right there admiring that too. Like I said, I love tech. So can we stop with the personal attacks and put downs? Thanks. 🤟
  13. that's really nice. you are a good man. I appreciate all your intentions. thanks. and btw, respond to me if you want. I like a good debate. And im sure there will be another one of these Mac vs pc things springing up. they always do pop up. its like a weed, lol. its just the personal stuff that was getting annoying to me. or the way I was misinterpreting your intentions, at least. ☮️
  14. yeah internet stuff, text, and emails can easily be misinterpreted. I know ive been misinterpreted quite a bit here. im really just a wisenheimer who loves music tech stuff. the shunning thing is a joke. if you know the show, its pretty funny. but yeah. too much negativity as it is. clean slate? just agree Macs are far superior than anything else and we'll be fine 😆.
  15. the video is from the office. if you are familiar with it, its where Dwight shuns Andy. He un-shuns him to answer him, the re-shuns him, lol.
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