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  1. Hi Paul - thanks a lot for listening and for your comments That's quite a different scenario than me sitting in my little "room" putting it together a little bit at a time
  2. Hi Steve - thanks a lot for listening and for your comments!
  3. Thanks for listening David, and for your comments. I don't think I'd like to do "collections" 😕
  4. Wow! Thanks a lot for the listens and for the nice comments! Yeah - the piano solo was "manufactured" in the MIDI editor - I couldn't play like that if my life depended on it Wendy works in a funeral home - we like to wave to her when we walk past - to let her know we're still alive and kicking.
  5. Thanks a lot for listening and for your comments! jack - these are Soundiron tablas loops (for kontakt). I just got them recently and I really like them. They're quirky Tom - thanks, I really like MODO too - you can do a lot with it
  6. Hi, I've got a new song out - called "Waving to Wendy" You can hear it here: https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=14190831 It features the usual suspects - but also features some tablas for percussion 😉 Superior Drums MODO Bass Pianoteq Piano (incl. artificial solo) a few synths and Kontakt and of course some real Strats and a Tele All comments welcome.
  7. It's pretty good when you download the rooms - and i suspect that the additional controls in the 2paid" versions will make it sound even better. They're certainly having some teething problems - but this may just be a hot item once they get their downloading infrastructure fixed. The download speeds are very good (14MB/s on my 100 Mb/s connection) *when it's working* (which doesn't seem to be too often... It seems that the best time for Europeans to download is in the morning/afternoon - while the US is still asleep
  8. OK - you stay safe too! 😷
  9. Hi Kurt, Thanks a lot for listening - and for your comments
  10. hi Tom, Thanks for having a listen, and for your comments. I usually start with a couple of grooves - then I modify them. I do all my MIDI work in the DAW rather than Superior, so I don't really use the drop zone.
  11. Hi Lynn, How are you keeping?! Thanks for taking the time to listen - and for your comments. 😷
  12. Thanks a lot for listening Douglas - and for your comments!
  13. Hi I've got a new song out. It's called "Economic Impact" - you can check it out here: https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=14147768 This song features the usual suspects: Superior 3 drums MODO Bass some Kontakt stuff a few odds and ends and my trusty Strats and Tele Any feedback is welcome Don't forget - Download CDs (including my newest one "Pull the Other One") Are still available at https://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/JohnBraner and all the normal streaming services. CDBaby won't be selling physical CDs anymore - so just contact me if you want one - or look on Amazon or Apple etc.
  14. jbraner

    SONG: Easing Up

    Hi Barry, Thanks a lot for listening and all your comments! I fixed the tuning problem (with Melodyne) so I'm glad you didn't hear anything else That 1:14 sound is a Mellotron Kontakt instrument (Wavesfactory Newmello collection) It's funny you mention the bass - I struggled with that. I was at a point where a tiny bit more was "too much" and a tiny bit less was "it needs a tiny bit more" and was having trouble finding the right place for it - and this is where I ended up
  15. jbraner

    SONG: Easing Up

    Hi Tom, Thanks for listening - and for your comments I like to lay off the verb myself
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