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  1. Just purchased RX7 as part of the Music Production Suite and was getting frustrated trying to get it to talk to Cakewalk. BUT, thanks to you Scook, and your little programme, they are talking beautifully! I truly appreciate you making the Tool Editor freely available! Cheers and let's make more music!
  2. Hi Noel, as one who has a terrible addiction to buying plugins (or sourcing free ones) - I am adjusting my plugin layouts every couple weeks to include new ones or rearrange the schema. I seem to be in the plugin manager quite regularly. OOPS! Just realised I'm responding to what was said several pages back. I'm a bit slow today.
  3. When using ripple edit, I have found it is good to have Snap to Grid switched on and with the Snap setting preferences set to "Nearest Audio Zero Crossing". Without these two things ripple edit can cut waves at nasty points leaving audio artefacts.
  4. Thanks Bassman for alerting me to that - I haven't used Audiosnap + transients much at all. I'll look into it.
  5. Brilliant! Thank you so much scook - this is exactly what I was looking for!
  6. I have set up two key bindings to advance the cursor to the next measure and the previous measure (works beautifully!). However, I would like to be able to set it up for even smaller increments (ie 1/4 note). I've looked through the available commands and haven't found that option. Is there a way of doing that? For those wondering 'why?' - when checking the timing of drum beats, shakers and fast strum guitars, I like to visually work through the tracks and find troublesome sections. To do that currently I set it to snap to 1/4 note and then manually click through the hundreds of steps. It would speed up my process to have keystrokes that could move the cursor across the screen quickly. Any thoughts?
  7. Hey folks, great to be here and welcome to everyone!
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