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  1. Similar problem... I assumed CW would give me a chance to edit my preferences rather than just hanging, but I guess not! I thought I'd fire up CW before installing the ASIO drivers for my interface, but no.. simply solved by installing the ASIO drivers thanks to the clue from this post
  2. Good new and bad, for anyone with the same question... I found them in the Registry - so theoretically I could export the registry entry and re-import... Bad news is the registry entry is one of hundreds with GUIDs for names, so figuring out which one CWbBL is going to take any notice of might be tricky. So (workaround) I just created a project and created a track for each preset I have and applied them to the track so I can open the project and re-save he presets on my new machine - theoretically
  3. Folks, I've exhausted every option I can think of - help! I've created some EQ presets in Prochannel in CWbBL. Note that these are not Prochannel presets, just the EQ settings. I can recall them without any issue, regardless of what template I have used (so I know they are not stored in the template). Now I need to copy them to another computer, but I can't find them.. They are not in the Prochannel Presets folder. I fact I performed a search across my whole C drive, and they were not found - which may only mean that they are not stored with a filename that I can figure out - it doesn't mean they are not saved any ideas?
  4. thanks - audiosnap didn't seem to work, but just hitting Ctrl-L did. I didn't realise that CW would automatically detect tempo when creating groove clips - I had wrongly assumed that it would set the tempo of the groove clip to be the same as the project it was created in. I've learnt 2 things today!
  5. When I preview WAV files of loops in the media browser, it matches the tempo nicely, but when I drag them in to my project, they revert to their own tempo. What am I missing? thanks!
  6. SI Strings is actually rather good. I have some Spitfire stuff, but always start with SI Strings for simplicity, and it frequently ends up in my final mix, especially if the strings are not intended to poke out too much
  7. That could be scripted too. Is there any info on what the entries need to be? Ah interesting. I’m just discovering the power of workspaces and wondered about that
  8. I work in several places with my laptop, with different interfaces that need different configs. Is it possible to to store the driver options, buffer sizes etc in an init file, and to start cakewalk with a different init file using Windows shortcuts? I can see from the doc that there are init files, but I can't see anywhere that answers the rest of my question. I find it a pain to have to start cakewalk, wait for the error "No devices... " then have to go an manually set the preferences each time.
  9. If you use sidechaining, it pays to have a plan before you start bouncing (or even better, a template), or else the results can be unexpected. Personally, I use an aux track for every group I want to sub-mix, but only use sidechaining to buses from the aux tracks, so I when I want to bounce my submixes, I can arm all the aux tracks I want bounced, and hit record, knowing that I don't have to pay attention to sidechain interactions - they will not effect the bounce, and will stay intact after the bounce. My approach of course has the disadvantage that it is slower than bouncing, but it is 100% reliable and predictable, and the results stay in the project, routed the same way as they were, and I don't have to re-import any WAV files. Also a good idea to keep the aux track in a folder with the tracks that feed it, so you can easily mute or delete the original tracks after a bounce - else you get the same signal doubled up. You could get the same end result with buses instead of aux tracks. The important thing is to have a set of buses with no sidechain interactions as your first layer in the signal flow - so you might have buses called "Guitar In" that only feed "Guitar Out", and the same for all your submixes. If you want to duck guitars under vocals, create a send between "Guitar In" and a compressor on "Vox Out". So you can bounce the "ins" and then send the resulting mix to the "outs". Of course you may want to create stems which capture the sidechain interactions, so then you bounce from outs rather than the ins. The important thing is to have your own system that is easy to follow. Obvs this is a pain to set up, so do it in a template! As I say, I prefer using aux tracks for my "In's" and buses for my "out's", but YMMV. This approach is also helpful if you collaborate with people that use something other than cakewalk - but that's a much longer story... btw I set my default bus to be silent, so that I never forget (or get too lazy) to route new tracks or buses to the right place.
  10. Linked clips are ok sometimes - a bit of a pain when editing, but a real pain when writing/recording - you have to duplicate everything before you can hear what you intended it to sound like. I'll take a look at those plugins - thanks again EDIT: about 30 minutes later... it worked like a charm!!
  11. @scook - that's very cool, thank you. MIDI routing in CW does seem a little limited - like only one synth per midi track. Guess this can solve that too?
  12. cool, so you would never see that warning and it would not interrupt your workflow.
  13. I am a big user of aux tracks, but I also love the "colour follows bus" option. Trouble is, if you set the output on a bunch of tracks to an aux, then output the aux to the bus, the colour of the tracks does not follow the bus, or even the aux track that they are being sent to. What would be really cool, is if the aux track followed the bus, and the tracks that are output to the aux track follow the colour of the aux track, thus inheriting the colour of the bus, if you want it to.
  14. Matrix is cool, step sequencer is cool. I want to be able to load multiple samples into the matrix and use the Step Sequencer to fire the columns for me in a pattern. Is that possible, or is it a feature request?
  15. How many times have you armed a track for recording, hit record, then realised after that you forgot to disarm a track you armed earlier? Ok, it's usually recoverable, but it would be cooler to have an option to disarm previously-armed tracks - or at least warn you if you do the following... Arm a track, hit record. Arm another track, hit record. Chances are, in this scenario, you just forgot to disarm the earlier track - not that you planned to record to one track before, then record the next take to two. Would be great if CWbBL warned you in this scenario. If you arm a bunch of tracks without hitting record in between, you probably meant to do that - no warning.
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