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  1. of course, but you might still want Bus FX when exporting racks - the option appears to be there but doesn't work. Recently I need to apply the same EQ and limiting to a whole bunch of songs, so I thought - I'll drop them in cakewalk, put the fx on the bus once, adjust to taste, export all tracks, done. I was scratching my head to figure out why it wasn't working, until I found this thread. Knowing that this is the way it works does help - just copy the effects from the bus to all the tracks right? Except that if you need export them to test your work, you have to do this every time you audition a new version. And at some point you find yourself wondering if you remembered to copy them all, so you do it again just to be sure. So what I thought was an hour's work ended up taking a day a and a half. Even so, this was still better than the idea that you solo the track and export the entire mix.. which is just not practical when you have 30 to do, and have to do this a few times to get it right. So yes, it would be really great to have an option to apply Bus FX to track exports. btw, for the same kind of reasons, I'd really like to see an "Exclusive Solo" option on tracks. A bit like what you get when comping take lanes.
  2. It wouldn't be hard to create an option to tokenise the filename - choose the contents, the order and the separator so you can have them exactly as you want. One connected and equally annoying "feature" is that if you deselect a track during the export (let's say you are re-exporting to fix an issue, but some of the tracks were ok and don't need to be re-exported) Cakewalk re-numbers the tracks, so instead of overwriting the previous version, you get both, with different track numbers - very confusing until I figured out what it was doing. In the unlikely event that I do want the track number (and I can't think that I will, if we have an option to suppress it) I would want it at the beginning of the file name, and to contain the actual track number in the project. A minor gripe in an otherwise great tool!
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