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  1. Check the folder preferences for project templates, then look in that folder using file explorer for the actual <project>.cwt files.

    I have had certain odd things get hashed in my global preferences after a few of the application updates over the last couple years. Worth a look.

  2. If you encounter a device with a female combo XLR/Phono (Neutrik) input, unless it is EXPLICITLY labeled otherwise, it will be balanced TRS, per AES/IEEE guidelines.

  3. 1 hour ago, Rok TheKasbah said:

    Bus, Channel, whatever. Were you trying to be helpful...or pedantic?

    Just for clarification; real engineers do not confuse these two. A channel is mono (or now two channels, ie: stereo) and as such only has one input... mono or stereo.

    A bus is an aggregator device which creates a 'summing' of multiple input signals.

    💥now you know. 🙂

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  4. 21 minutes ago, User 905133 said:

    Well, they brought back earplugs so why not the AM radio, too!  😉


    I gotta tell ya... my UE 7 Pro IEM's sound 'almost' as good as my big monitors... "ear-buds" they ain't.

  5. 1 hour ago, kitekrazy said:

    How was Samsungs RMA service.   WD and Seagate are very good. So was Intel bu they sold off their SSD division.

    Samsung drives inevitably failed at least a month out of warranty, so I didn't even bother. Just trashed 'em into the circular file of unwanted parts.

    Seagate RMA support was excellent. Haven't had a reason to send anything back to WD yet.🤞

  6. I DL'd a week ago and also really like it (for a freebie).

    All instruments & sections setup in my scoring template (each one wrapped in Komplete Kontrol) only footprints at 226Mb total. 

    They are not completely dry however. You can still hear the room RT on most articulations. 

  7.  If it would not load in safe mode then the project may be corrupted. If you have set preferences for auto-save and/or versioning try to load one of those (look in the help system for "recover")

    Copy all the tracks into a new, empty project, close the bad one, see what happens. 

    Check in preferences that your proper audio I/O drivers are selected. (You can do this before opening the project)

    Delete any master (out to hardware busses), insert new stereo master bus, assign to your audio hardware outputs, then assign all tracks to the master bus.

    This is a bit drastic, but if the project contains MIDI tracks, try saving as MIDI 1 file. Then if it also contains audio, check <Project><Audio Files> for the locations of the audio clips in the project.

    Open a new project, import the midi file, then locate and import the audio files from the above location and rebuild the project.

    If that works, consider 'auto-save' and/or save as 'bundle' CWB file in future. 

  8. Excuse me if this has been covered before...

    I know the difference between setting a 'default' synth icon, in that it will always load the same icon with the synth when another instance is loaded.
    I also know that if several instances of the same synth are loaded in the synth rack, each with different icons, and saved in the project, they will return on next open with the saved icons.
    I would like to propose some discussion on having  different synth icons saved when exporting a track template and how difficult that would be for the Bakers.
    Let us assume this is my preferred BBCSO string setup (in a folder) to be saved as a Track Template:


    ...and this is my Synth Rack Layout for above tracks:


    It would be really nice if the icons pasted into the Synth Rack could be saved and recalled in a Track Template.

    Thoughts anyone?

  9. 2 hours ago, Bryan K Borgman said:

    I used Cakewalk and Sonar for decades but stopped making new music in 2017 when my wife's cancer really took hold. I am interested in getting back in but my old desktop PC with Sonar 7 is long gone and now I've discovered Sonar is also long gone. I am trying to understand BandLab but so far no real results.

    The current version of Cakewalk by Bandlab is very similar to Sonar (5 to Platinum) so you will recognize most of it. It has lots of new features, but the core is identical. 


    2 hours ago, Bryan K Borgman said:

    I have figured out how to upload an old CWB and listen to it but when I hit Mix Editor is gives me just one audio track and not the separate tracks of loops and live instruments.

    If your old CW Bundle files contained separate MIDI & Audio tracks, they should expand and be available (sans plugins & other minor items), if you open one and it only contains a single 'mixdown', then that was the way it was saved years ago.
    If an opened CWB appears usable to you, immediately save it as a standard CWP (project) file and get to work!
    Good luck!

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  10. @Promidi
    I'm assuming that the "defaultLength" is in ticks, but what color wheel does the 10 digit  "color"  entry relate to???
    [It's not hex RGBA, so...?]

  11. I suspect that, because your audio I/O is Behringer, the audio driver is ASIO4ALL, which is not really a 'genuine' ASIO driver and is just a 'wrapper' for the OS WDM driver, which has no "shared" mode. 

    At the sacrifice of some latency, you could try WASAPI (shared) and see if it works.

    Then consider an upgrade to a better interface with real ASIO drivers.

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