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  1. Along those lines; the first projects that I re-opened after the 2022.02 update were all a semitone sharp. Close, reboot, re-opened again... all fine. The 2022.06 update wiped out all of my hardware (stereo x2 & surround) outputs from my default custom project templates. Rebuilt them and all is fine again. I just chalk it up to the electron gods, or Murphy. Stuff happens.
  2. I don't deal with crappy vocal tracks. I just hire a better vocalist! 😁 And if I ever need to really screw up an instrument... well that's what sound design is all about, and I have the tools and skill set for that.😉
  3. What is the deal with instrument manufacturers thinking that their debut demo track to introduce a product is cooler when it's buried in an heavily orchestrated track? Maybe they don't want anyone to hear how weak it actually is? Meh... let me hear the instrument in solo performance mode or don't waste my time.
  4. I have used the video window for composing to ever since it was first introduced in Sonar; using WMV, MPEG-4, and AVI files, and have NEVER ONCE had any glitches, black screens, or other anomaly occur. So, yeah... it would seem that it IS system dependent.
  5. Shift+F will fit entire project to the window. If there are more tracks than will fit, they all collapse to minimum height.
  6. I know that Cubase and Nuendo can sort active tracks to the top, and then delete what is left, but since I started way back in the analog tape days, I'm used to doing a little "housekeeping" before mixing LOL!
  7. Sorry, man. Not that I know of in an 'automated' way. I have large scoring templates, but when I'm down to the point of exporting stems and everything in the composition is in audio format, I just delete the completely empty tracks and save a copy of the session as filename_MIX.
  8. Yes. Use the Track Manager (preset shortcut key = H), or available from the [Track Pane/Tracks Menu/Track Manager]. UNCHECK those types that you DON'T want to see in the track pane or Console view, but you know that. As for finding only tracks that contain audio or midi data, still use the same technique, but would require a little more work. There is no preset way to filter that I know of. If you use folders for sub-types of instruments, but don't use those instruments in the composition, that may be easier. Otherwise, just delete the empty tracks after completion and before mixing. It won't have any effect on your opening template.
  9. That is a loop marker. Hit "L" on the querty keyboard to remove, "shift+L" to enable. Also can use the loop module in the control bar.
  10. I use a KK S61 Mk1 all the time as a second control surface (to my Promix) set up as an MCU and everything works in the transport section except for the Loop button (don't really care). I thought about adding a Nano control, but opted to build midi editor setups where pitch & mod touch strips become CC3 and CC11, or a couple of other expression controls, and changing to the general midi is a two button press on the keyboard. If I could get it to change track focus in CbB, I'd be in Val Halla.
  11. You are evidently not building enough time into your contract bids. I always plan for at least 4 round trips to layback audio into the directors cut on my video sled and bill accordingly. And I'm faster on that than in CbB by long shot. I have no need to export dailies for Director approval from Cakewalk, but... as @Jeremy Oakes said, YMMV.
  12. CbB is not a video edit sled (yet!) so all you can do is to check this post reply from Mark McLeod for a workaround: I tested this method and it does work, but it's not elegant or sleek. Usually when I have my audio exported into stems, I just load them into my Video edit platform and sync.
  13. Ok. That is definitely weird. I know someone with that keyboard as Midi input AND controller, with a MOTU audio I/O that works swimmingly. Have you trashed the ACT control and just tried it as a MIDI keyboard input device (not control surface)? If that is successful, then try to add just a Mackie Control surface for the Novation to see if that forces the issue. Again... maybe screenshot your prefs pages for us? There are several of the sales folks at Sweetwater that are tech savvy, especially with CbB. I believe a chat session with them may be in order too while we put on our thinking caps.
  14. The Novation Launchkey is only a usb midi interface, there is no reason why it should even show up under <preferences/audio devices>, and thereby "steal" away from your Tascam audio I/O. Check in your prefs that the Tascam is your audio device, and in midi devices, the keyboard is selected. Maybe a screenshot of those two dialogs would help us to help you.
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