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  1. Hi. I have a M-audio Keystation 88 and in the manual it states Mackie Control. So I activated Mackie. Created a Mackie Control in CW , but how can I know which button does what? The mackie layout is not even close to my keaboard (of course) and there is nothing in the user guide telling which button is which. Is there a way to test like function button F1 and see what happens ? Or see what happens ( midi code or something) when I press "play" button on my keayboard? Help! /Confused
  2. Hi there. Got myself a USB PCIe card with 4 ports. I have 4 "USB-to-MIDI cables". When putting in fist cable in first port, Cakewalk shows 1 I nput and 2 different output ( see pic). Why? Which output should I use? When connecting (USBtoMIDI-cables) to all 4 USB- ports, not all ports shows up in cakewalk. Have tested all cables, one at a time and they show up in Cakewalk. Limitations?
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