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  1. Hi, I have a project with 38 tracks. Most are used intermittently. CPU 13% Memory 16%. Disk use 1%. Just recently (past 3 weeks) if you've been listening to the song & just pressed stop, then left click a command (like a cut or just click on the edit box) there's an approximate 1 sec delay before the program reacts. Needless to say, that's incredibly infuriating. I ran some tests with other projects & yes, the more tracks, the longer the delay - but the amount of VST's etc did not seem to matter. The only changes that have occurred over the past few weeks that I can think of are an upgrade from Cakewalk & from Microsoft. Has anyone else noticed this, or come across anything similar? PC's an Intel 8 core, 32 Gig RAM, SDD Drives & an RME UC. Best Steve E
  2. This pop-up error message appeared yesterday for one (and only one) of my UAD plugins. Whether already being used in a track or in an attempt to add - as in the image I've provided. I re-scanned my VST's in the plugin manager and it no only recognizes the mono guitar amp - which you still can't load. I loaded Audacity & it reads both the UAD programs (mono/stereo) & loads them. I subsequently uninstalled everything UAD & re-loaded. Problem still persists. Any thought, guys? Steve E P.S. The only thing I was doing yesterday prior to this problem occurring was trying out some free plugins - Gsat I kept, others I uninstalled. Spitfire Strings. GsatPlus Burier
  3. I'm thinking of buying Softube's Console 1 Mk 2. Have you encountered any incapability problems with it? Thanks
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