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  1. I have an Alesis DM7X electronic drum kit. I cannot get it to produce any sound. It is working according to Device Manager and everything seems mapped properly in Cakewalk and Addictive Drums. I'm not sure what to do. Let me know what info or screenshots would be helpful.

    Thank you!

  2. On 2/19/2022 at 3:49 PM, scook said:

    The multi-timbral setting is in options


    Except for testing, I have never used the multi-timbral setting.

    I always used the First Synth Audio Output for DP but any of the audio options work with it. 

    Instrument tracks only record MIDI data. They will display audio when the track is frozen.

    When using a MIDI+audio track pair, and unlike an instrument track, it is possible to enable waveform preview or actually record audio on the audio tracks without recording MIDI data.

    If the plug-in is making sound, there is MIDI data coming from somewhere and if the MIDI track record button is enabled, the MIDI data will be recorded. The exception being punch recording. When punch recording is enabled, MIDI will only be recorded as defined in the punch module but the waveform preview, if enabled, is always displayed.


    I am so greatful for your response. You (and others on here) have taught me a lot more than I imagined and you don't make me feel like an idiot either.

    In this instance, I feel like an idiot because my project template had punch enabled and that was the cause. I've been using this template for over a year now and it has stopped me from using midi the entire time. I'm not even sure why it's on because I don't like the way Cakewalk punches (I'm used to the Pro Tools method). 


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    9 hours ago, John Vere said:

    Your settings look correct if you wanted to have separate midi tracks and then instrument tracks. Are you recording to the midi track?  You will only get a wave form if you recorded to the instrument track by mistake 

    It’s a little used option  most people want midi as data so they can edit 


    I don't need or want the wave. I only want the midi as data like you described. That is what I can't get to come out. It used to be so easy but I haven't done it in so long. Still can't get it to work with all of the above suggestions.

  4. I'm trying to add a Dimension Pro Synth into a project and the MIDI data track doesn't show up when I'm recording. The MIDI sound wave shows up though. I think I have something setup wrong in the Insert Soft Synth Settings. It's been a while since I've used soft synths. Thanks for any suggestions.


  5. 3 minutes ago, Terry Kelley said:

    On the track with the effects, right click on the FX window title bar and select Save FX Rack as an FX Chain. Give it name and save.

    In the new track, right click on the FX title bar and select Insert FX Chain Preset. Pick the one you save and it will load that chain (group of plugins.) You will get a single label with all of the plugins inside.

    You can expand it back to the list by right clicking and Select Extract FX Chain Plugins.



    Thank you so much! I can't believe I've been wasting so much time resetting vocals all these years. You are going to save me hours from this one tip.

  6. I have a vocal track that has my plugins set and tweaked to my liking. I have recorded another track without any plugins. Is there a quick way to copy plugin settings from one track and then drop them to another?

    Right now I'm doing it dirty by copying the original track without audio and then dragging my other audio to it but this is not efficient. 

    Thank you.

  7. Here is an EP that my band recorded in Cakewalk. I'm not sure what was used for the mastering process because we sent it out. This is a link to the music on Spotify but you should be able to find "White Flags" by Sightline on most other streaming services.

    Thanks for checking it out and hope you enjoy!

    Spotify Link

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  8. Does anyone use any plugins that have decent presets for vocals, instruments, etc...? I struggle with producing decent sounding demos when mixing and mastering individual tracks and then eventually mastering the final cut. I was just hoping to find a good plugin to help me. I'm also trying to learn a little more as I go along but there aren't a lot of Youtube resources for the current Cakewalk. Most everything I find is for SONAR. 

    Thanks for any help!

  9. 16 minutes ago, Tobias said:

    Are you playing real bass or software/plugin stuff?  What kind of music is it? THe role of the bass is vastly different in different types of music. 

    I am playing a real bass plugged direct to my Focusrite. It is rock music. Scook's link was like reading another language for me to be honest. 

  10. I have a recording that so far sounds great until I add the bass to the mix. The bass has a sound and tone that I like when I solo the track but it makes my mix sound like garbage when I unmute it. Please share tips and tricks for bass production and mixing please. Screenshots and details on plugins would be really helpful too!


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