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  1. Does anyone use any plugins that have decent presets for vocals, instruments, etc...? I struggle with producing decent sounding demos when mixing and mastering individual tracks and then eventually mastering the final cut. I was just hoping to find a good plugin to help me. I'm also trying to learn a little more as I go along but there aren't a lot of Youtube resources for the current Cakewalk. Most everything I find is for SONAR. Thanks for any help!
  2. I am playing a real bass plugged direct to my Focusrite. It is rock music. Scook's link was like reading another language for me to be honest.
  3. I have a recording that so far sounds great until I add the bass to the mix. The bass has a sound and tone that I like when I solo the track but it makes my mix sound like garbage when I unmute it. Please share tips and tricks for bass production and mixing please. Screenshots and details on plugins would be really helpful too! Thanks!
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