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  1. Hey Nigel. Thanks for replying. I went down the rabbit hole of windows settings and found nothing at all that would indicate that there were custom settings for any app on my pc. But then I tried another export and it sounds great! I have no idea what solved this, apart from the possibility that going through the settings somehow scared windows into performing correctly! I literally changed nothing! Thanks for the pointer though!
  2. Hi all Apologies if this has been dealt with elsewhere. I have searched for an answer but can't find one. For some reason, when I export tracks from Cakewalk into WAV or MP3 the resulting track is almost completely lacking any bass. It sounds completely different to the in-cakewalk playback. I have tried both the export module and the file menu>export>audio way, but I keep getting the same results. Export is default, Stereo, 44.1K, 16 bit depth, etc. I am assuming I have some sort of enhancements switched on somewhere within Cakewalk, but I don't know where. I have read numerous times about the difference in playback Windows Media Player may have compared to Cakewalk, but adjusting WMP won't help. Having uploaded tracks to Soundcloud, I have had several comments like "needs more bass!!!" and "Where's the bass!" Obviously, I can't adjust other peoples playback settings, so I need to make Cakewalk playback sound the same as it will sound in other players. If I import the exported track back into Cakewalk, it sounds like the original playback did! ie, good! But play it on anything else, its tinny and bass-less! Can anyone help me??? Thanks in advance!
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