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  1. Many thanks for the suggestions mate. Just exaggerating on the last part but it is also respecting their "quiet time" as well
  2. Hi, I just like to ask if I purchase an audio interface to use for mixing, like a Behringer UMC22, will that help me hear the "real mix" before I export it as an audio file? I've noticed that my mix doesn't translate well by the time I mastered it and I end up making some adjustments again which is I find it time consuming now, after learning how to mix after 8 months, so still a noob. I know most of you will say that I be better off with a studio monitor, but sadly I don't have that luxury as I work during the days, and evenings are only my free time to work on my craft. I'm sure you can understand that blasting those speakers late in the evening will me end up in a naughty corner with my family. So only option for me is to use headphones and that is connected to my normal PC sound card. Not aiming to be a professional mixer but at least hoping I can make my mix not sound bit amateurish. Many thanks for your replies and suggestions.
  3. acewhistle

    Learning about MIDI

    Thank you very much for everyone's reply here. It is nice to know that I have a supportive community that I can go to when I am stuck with something. More power to you guys and keep safe always.
  4. acewhistle

    Learning about MIDI

    Lol, must be a holy grail book
  5. acewhistle

    Learning about MIDI

    Many thanks for the advice Michael. That is what really in my mind as I am more interested to add classical instruments in my future projects to give it some more character :)
  6. acewhistle

    Learning about MIDI

    Wow thank you very much for your help. Really appreciate for the link and the tips above :)
  7. acewhistle

    Learning about MIDI

    Hello community, First of all, completely noob about MIDI and hoping to learn MIDI with it's vast potential to create audio files from all kinds of instruments :) I've been watching some Youtube guides about using MIDI in Cakewalk and it is really interesting to learn after my 20+ years of guitar playing and how much info and potential skills I am missing out on what it can offer to make my audio recordings move to the next level. I just like to ask if someone would know where I can download some midipack files where I can see how a composer/writer wrote a midi for those instruments and how those notes relates to one another. It's like listening to a song where you have no clue how certain riffs or melodies are played until you've seen it from a guitar tab / piano lead sheet and only then you will understand how/why certain notes/chords works for that particular song. Thought this will help me accelerate my knowledge how to use MIDI for my future recordings. Hope that makes sense. Many thanks.
  8. Many thanks for the suggestion 😄. It turns out I just need to collapse the whole folder first before I can drag it to re arrange it.
  9. Hi peepz, Any idea how I can re arrange the track folders I created? As you can see from the screenshot, I want to move the track folder "Guides" where the "Instruments" folder is but it is not letting me to do so. Many thanks.
  10. acewhistle

    Groove clip looping

    Do you have a pic/video example that you can share to me as I tried Youtube but most contents are not what I am looking for? Many thanks.
  11. Hi Jack, I would recommend you watch this one as it helped me tremendously understanding what needs to be done with a mix on a simple setup. Hope this helps you as it did to me.
  12. acewhistle

    Groove clip looping

    Hello fellow Cakewalk users, Noob here and want some help pls with looping a groove clip. I set my project tempo at 115bpm 4/4 time signature and I got a bass drum loop that has got 128bpm. I've tried using audiosnap to match the project tempo but it is way off so had to adjust the audio transients to make sure it follows the tempo. Want to loop it, but when it I tried it via Loop construction, everything is grayed out☹️. Any advice pls what I am doing wrong. Many thanks.
  13. acewhistle

    Looping one shot

    Hello peepz, Just like to ask your advice pls on how can I create a loop with a one shot wave file (see screenshot) I'm planning to match it with my current project tempo and time signature but no such luck using Audio snaps and Loop construction Tempo is 51bpm with time 6/8 time signature. Many thanks.
  14. acewhistle

    Transpose audio key

    Thank you very much for this link. Just what I was looking for and full of useful info 😀
  15. acewhistle

    Transpose audio key

    Hi, Not sure if this topic has already been discussed before here in forum. My question, is there a function in Cakewalk that I can transpose an audio file to a key that suits my audio mix? I was browsing on some loop packs in the Bandlab websites (see attached pic) and thought if there will be a way I can change the key of a sample loop which I will be able to fit it on the music project. Or perhaps other software you can recommend (free preferably). Many thanks.
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