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  1. acewhistle

    Groove clip looping

    Do you have a pic/video example that you can share to me as I tried Youtube but most contents are not what I am looking for? Many thanks.
  2. Hi Jack, I would recommend you watch this one as it helped me tremendously understanding what needs to be done with a mix on a simple setup. Hope this helps you as it did to me.
  3. acewhistle

    Groove clip looping

    Hello fellow Cakewalk users, Noob here and want some help pls with looping a groove clip. I set my project tempo at 115bpm 4/4 time signature and I got a bass drum loop that has got 128bpm. I've tried using audiosnap to match the project tempo but it is way off so had to adjust the audio transients to make sure it follows the tempo. Want to loop it, but when it I tried it via Loop construction, everything is grayed out☹️. Any advice pls what I am doing wrong. Many thanks.
  4. acewhistle

    Looping one shot

    Hello peepz, Just like to ask your advice pls on how can I create a loop with a one shot wave file (see screenshot) I'm planning to match it with my current project tempo and time signature but no such luck using Audio snaps and Loop construction Tempo is 51bpm with time 6/8 time signature. Many thanks.
  5. acewhistle

    Transpose audio key

    Thank you very much for this link. Just what I was looking for and full of useful info 😀
  6. acewhistle

    Transpose audio key

    Hi, Not sure if this topic has already been discussed before here in forum. My question, is there a function in Cakewalk that I can transpose an audio file to a key that suits my audio mix? I was browsing on some loop packs in the Bandlab websites (see attached pic) and thought if there will be a way I can change the key of a sample loop which I will be able to fit it on the music project. Or perhaps other software you can recommend (free preferably). Many thanks.
  7. Hello, Any ideas how I can change the default sound of the metronome as it starts to get too much for me after hours listening from my projects? Anyone got a softer metronome sound pls? Many thanks.
  8. acewhistle

    Vocal FX advice

    Thank you very much for all of your wonderful support here. I wouldn't have learned it if it wasn't from all your suggestions and advice. Really appreciate for your time helping out a newbie like me. Many thanks all
  9. acewhistle

    Vocal FX advice

    Wow thank you very much for this wonderful Youtube tutorial Just watching and learning how a simple EQ setting can make a lot of difference. Many thanks
  10. acewhistle

    Vocal FX advice

    Hi Treesha, Gsnap is a free VST for pitch correction for vocals that I learned from one of the Youtube videos I watched and can't remember who was it from. Anyway the link is, https://www.gvst.co.uk/gsnap.htm Don't want to pay commercial stuff first until I get the hang of what each VSTs capabilities are till I fully understood how it can help with the mixing process Many thanks for the support
  11. Many thanks for that John :)
  12. acewhistle

    Vocal FX advice

    Hi Treesha, Many thanks for your encouraging word To be honest, I am still at the stage where I don't know if my understanding is correct so I am hoping to see other people's project on how they mix from voices, instrument, fx, and etc just to give me more ideas on how to improve my knowledge. I think making it sound professional at this time sounds far fetch at my current level so just thinking of making it sound clear and crisp to begin with. So that's my target first before moving to the next stuff Do you have in depth tutorial or blog I can learn from you?
  13. Hi John, From your example above, sounds like I will send my drums to a bus that will be panned hard left and the other instruments into another bus that will be panned hard right. If that what is I am thinking, is it safe to say that I should insert a bus for my click tracks and guides that will be panned hard left, and the rest of the instruments will be on another stereo bus that will be panned hard right? Many thanks
  14. acewhistle

    Vocal FX advice

    Hello peepz, Just starting to mix a song that I have tediously fixed for almost 2 days to get all vocals in sync and in time with the beat. Complete newbie if you are wondering why it took me a long time so if anyone has got advice how to get a group of vocals in sync in less time, I'm all ears Anyway, as you can see from the pic attached, not sure if what I am doing is correct. I've setup some VX-64 and Gsnap to make the vocals sound dynamic and make it clean. But going through some tutorial via Youtube and in here, I am not getting enough info on what to do with vocals cleanup and making them sound professional. One thing I picked up from watching Youtube is that I need to create busses for FX so that it will be shared for the group I want to apply it to. Is that correct? Kinda stuck now really after spending for almost a week just trying to figure what I'm suppose to do so can anyone kindly share your ideas and FX setup on how to achieve this pls. Many thanks for your patience and effort as I slowly build up my mixing skills and knowledge.
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