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  1. Hello peepz, I happened to stumble this software called "RIPXDEEP AUDIO" where it can separate stems or isolate each instruments of a song. I would say I am 60% convinced with its usefulness especially in isolating vocals but just like to ask if there are free or less expensive VSTs out there you can recommend that will do the same job before parting away with my hard earned money. Many thanks,
  2. @John Vere It turns out the Dithering section is affecting it for some reason, and after some luck, it changes to Pow-r 3 and voila, it worked. Not sure why it does that but it can be frustrating from a minor problem and later to know it's just a simple answer 🙄 Many thanks for your time.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to create a backing trax for my vocals to follow but everytime I export it as an mp3, I can still hear the vocals although I made sure all tracks and busses are muted. I rolled back my current version to the previous one as I thought it is something to do with the update but still same results. Any ideas? Many thanks
  4. I have been using Cakewalk in a live setting to play multi tracks ,and at first, it was great. But I am finding quite stressful now to jump from one song to another as it is not giving me that smooth transition I want on a live band and always fiddling in front of a laptop instead of enjoying the moment. So I am wondering if anyone has got tips for me like, can I trigger it using a midi controller pedal, are there another settings that I should know to trigger the actions I want it to do, and etc. Many thanks
  5. Many thanks for the replies guys. Will try those advise next week.
  6. Hello peepz, Does anyone if it is possible for me to record tracks using the Arrangement tab (see pic) as I only want to record those specific song parts? Tried it but only got 2 choices, pressing the play button from the Arrangement is simply playing the choices I made but not allowing me to record and the second, is the normal recording process where I have to record the entire song parts. Many thanks.
  7. acewhistle

    Mastering tracks

    Hi peepz, I'm trying to follow some of Mike's tutorial (Creative Sauce) mastering tips. In using Reference trax as your guiding point, I've noticed that a song goes beyond the -3 level in the master bus and I have to match the volume level with my mixed track. Can I ask if this is ok to follow this tip as I thought your final mastered track should not be clipping? Many thanks.
  8. Hello, Came across a MIDI audio stuttering when I am trying to compose some melody notes 😑. Halfway, sound is already dropping Not sure what happened but noticed it after I updated Cakewalk yesterday. Running on a Core I7 16gb Ram. No issues whatsoever before but unbearable dealing with it at the moment. Any ideas please
  9. Many thanks for the response. Sorted out the problem and it turns out to be a simple fix 😄 As you can see from the pic, I just simply need to move the midi notes within the BlueArp track itself so it will recognise what it will play and can finally hear the notes Lesson learned 😊
  10. Hello, I'm having a trouble with BlueArp vst and it is not simply doing anything ☚ī¸. I've made sure both tracks got Echo on but still no joy. Any ideas pls. Many thanks.
  11. Hello peepz, Any idea how I can set my preferred colours with the Arrangement section coz everytime I have to open a new project, it just reverts back to its default colours and finding it time consuming to do it all over again. Many thanks.
  12. Hello, Any ideas why I can't load up arpeggiator plugin even though the vst pathway is correct? Many thanks.
  13. Wow thank you very much for this wonderful info 57Gregy
  14. Hello fellow Cakewalk users, Just like to ask some advice pls as I am about to use the Piano roll in a regular basis from now on for my sound production. Basically, just like to find out which areas will you put the bass notes, chords, and melody notes (arp patterns). In short, what areas will be the low, mid and octave areas. Hope that makes sense as I don't have any clue how many keys there are supposedly in a standard piano. Many thanks.
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