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  1. Hello peepz, Any idea how I can set my preferred colours with the Arrangement section coz everytime I have to open a new project, it just reverts back to its default colours and finding it time consuming to do it all over again. Many thanks.
  2. Hello, Any ideas why I can't load up arpeggiator plugin even though the vst pathway is correct? Many thanks.
  3. Wow thank you very much for this wonderful info 57Gregy
  4. acewhistle

    Piano roll areas guide

    Hello fellow Cakewalk users, Just like to ask some advice pls as I am about to use the Piano roll in a regular basis from now on for my sound production. Basically, just like to find out which areas will you put the bass notes, chords, and melody notes (arp patterns). In short, what areas will be the low, mid and octave areas. Hope that makes sense as I don't have any clue how many keys there are supposedly in a standard piano. Many thanks.
  5. My Cakewalk also keeps crashing after updating to the new version and also turns out, it is somehow not compatible with the new VIsual C+ from Microsoft. I had to delete the new Visual C+ and install it again numerous times to make Cakewalk running as I am in the middle of a project and this is getting frustrating. Any suggestions pls to go back from the previous version without losing my Cakewalk current setups as I fear I have to install every plugins and VSTs all over again. Many thanks.
  6. That didn't worked I'm afraid 😔. Any suggestions?
  7. Hi, Would anyone got any ideas why my piano roll is not showing any note names even though from the Notes tab, it is clearly selected "Show Note names"? I created the notes using the mouse and not from a midi controller. Many thanks.
  8. Hi, Do you know how I can replicate what this guy is using from Bandlab Mix editor with Cakewalk? https://youtu.be/ZLsKTCpP4XE Many thanks in advance. ***Never mind coz it turned out I just need a Noise gate 😅😅😅
  9. Many thanks for the suggestions mate. Just exaggerating on the last part but it is also respecting their "quiet time" as well
  10. Hi, I just like to ask if I purchase an audio interface to use for mixing, like a Behringer UMC22, will that help me hear the "real mix" before I export it as an audio file? I've noticed that my mix doesn't translate well by the time I mastered it and I end up making some adjustments again which is I find it time consuming now, after learning how to mix after 8 months, so still a noob. I know most of you will say that I be better off with a studio monitor, but sadly I don't have that luxury as I work during the days, and evenings are only my free time to work on my craft. I'm sure you can understand that blasting those speakers late in the evening will me end up in a naughty corner with my family. So only option for me is to use headphones and that is connected to my normal PC sound card. Not aiming to be a professional mixer but at least hoping I can make my mix not sound bit amateurish. Many thanks for your replies and suggestions.
  11. acewhistle

    Learning about MIDI

    Thank you very much for everyone's reply here. It is nice to know that I have a supportive community that I can go to when I am stuck with something. More power to you guys and keep safe always.
  12. acewhistle

    Learning about MIDI

    Lol, must be a holy grail book
  13. acewhistle

    Learning about MIDI

    Many thanks for the advice Michael. That is what really in my mind as I am more interested to add classical instruments in my future projects to give it some more character :)
  14. acewhistle

    Learning about MIDI

    Wow thank you very much for your help. Really appreciate for the link and the tips above :)
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