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  1. Thank you so much. This solved my problem. Also thanks to scook for the reply! ATTENTION: if you are having the same problem, pay close attention when deleting the regedit! I accidentally deleted the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node and it absolutely ruined my windows to the point where I had to boot to Throubleshoot screen, fix the C drive and restore the system. Thank you everyone who helped me! This community is great as CW is.
  2. Hello, Promidi thanks for your answer. I found this folder in this path: "C:\Users\Sergio\AppData\Roaming\bandlab-assistant\Downloads" This folder is empty. I do think this problem might be due to the last uninstalling of Cakewalk, but I have no clue how to fix it since the erros messages don't give me much to work with. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I had Cakewalk installed on my computer, but I had to uninstall it. I uninstalled it and also bandlab. Then, I tried to install it again, but I had many problems on the process. As I google it, all the problems seem to be related to the windows updates. I found topics with similar problemas that if I install all the windows updates then cakewalk would install without problem. I updated the windows and restarted the computer. When I opened bandlab to follow with the cakewalk installation, the bandlab app was understanding that cakewalk was already installed. The button 'install' was replaced by the button 'open'. When I click it it shows the error window: I tried to run as administrator but it did not work, obviously, it wasn't installed. Then I tried to click arrow down and 'uninstall', then this message appeared: I searched solutions. Some of then recommended to uninstall drivers or other piece of software that could have been left behind from previous installation. I did it. I had melodyne installed for some reason, I uninstalled it. There were no other piece of softwares or drivers installed anymore, but I could not install the Cakewalk again. This is what bandlab looks like here. Just as if cakewalk was normally installed, but it is not. I have no idea how to procede from here. Does anybody have any sugestion? Thanks.
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