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  1. tom

    Acustica Coupon

    Mine says I received as I owned another Studio DMI series plugin from Acustica (El Rey). Just heads up that it might only be valid if user already owns one. We’ll soon find out I guess!
  2. tom

    HorNET Doln

    Yeah it is and flaky as hell at the moment, best to wait a few iterations
  3. tom

    Kazrog 36 Hr Sale

    SKNote AnyTesla is my goto for Transformers, love the sound of that thing (but it can't be pushed too hard). True Iron is great too, different flavours and can be pushed so I'm happy now I've got both. I demoed Saturn 2 quickly but didn't gel with the sound of it, maybe I need to try again!
  4. tom

    Kazrog 36 Hr Sale

    Finally true iron will be mine! I’ve been waiting for this moment like the cheap ***** I am 😬 EDIT: bought! And it’s 50% off including the already $10 offf promotion so got it for $20. Steal!
  5. tom

    songWish reMidi

    I really like this app, it’s a sampler for midi files and I can remix a midi chord progression or melody very easy. Really fun and not much else like it but to get to next level it really needs independent editing of each slot. Currently if i adjust start time it affects all the other slices which is very annoying. A lot of other minor changes and things ironed out and this would be really great
  6. tom

    Harvest Plugins Forager

    Yeah I had to get money back on Harvest as just didn’t work properly in reaper and windows. Went back and forth with Dev but I don’t think he was that interested in fixing so I decided to get out. Just a warning
  7. Unisum really is very good. They had a long time away from developing I believe which is why all previous plugins are 32bit
  8. tom

    Boz Digital +10db

    Link just goes to a page of code and weirdly same if I just put in root address. Is that because I’m outside of US or something?
  9. Yeah instachord is great. Takes a while to understand the layout but after that I find it intuitive and fun to use. I don’t have scaler 2 but have a a few Ableton ones and I prefer Instachord There was a better deal at Christmas when WA sold this with instascale and a bunch of other midi tools they have for less than $9
  10. Pain to install but worth it. This sounds really really good. Great amp sim with tons of tweakablity
  11. Yeah for me, all Tim Petherick libraries outclass Acquas and I have nearly all of them now but they are an adjustment to my workflow, which isnt for everyone. I use Bluecat patchwork so each instance in a Comp or EQ opens up stacked up each time I open. I freeze tracks a lot when using N4 and AA plugins, too much of a CPU killer otherwise
  12. Demo Modula first if anyone considering. I love Acustica and N4 but Modula is the one product that just does not make sense. Adds a layer of complexity just not needed.
  13. tom

    SampleTekk Summer Sale

    Will have to email as I bought it like 4 days ago
  14. tom

    Fxpansion Strobe 2

    If you’re outside US you need to use a VPN
  15. They really screwed early adopters on this, shameful. Told them they were getting Modula at special intro price of $699 with full price reverting to $999. Many bought even though buggy as hell and even when they already had the 3 included Aqua plugins, only for them to drop price to $599 and now this for $99! (minus any acquas plugins yes but those aquas are always on sale for around 60Euros each). I'm a fan of AA but this was low. There's a lot of anger out there towards Acustica at the moment and totally justified
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