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  1. tom

    Tone Projects BF Sale

    Very tempted with Kelvin but I think I’ve got to the point where all saturators I try sound the same and I’m just buying new GUIs 😳
  2. So does u-he do Black Friday? Can I combine this voucher with that or is this the best there is. On a google search I saw there was a sweet holiday sale last year through NI EDIT: KVR answered that coupon can't be combined with sales. Will wait for black friday
  3. Thanks for the tip, google search led me here where its a bit cheaper, no experience with Loot Audio though: https://www.lootaudio.com/category/kontakt-instruments/ben-osterhouse/sospiro-strings-ben-osterhouse-kontakt
  4. Oh that’s great info, thank you. Yeah I watched the walk through and it sounds very nice but also very specific. I don’t really own many string libraries so I’m still tempted but fear it will gather dust as too niche
  5. I own Vintage Keys so can get Olufar Arnalds Evolutions for £50, is it worth it? ANy opinions as to the library?
  6. tom

    Toneboosters Flowtones

    That’s weird , I love Toneboosters but apart from intro sales they are supposed to never do sales. I guess they want their synth to reach more people, will demo for sure
  7. Ooh Tupe is pretty special. Goodherz do a deal where if you post a video using their plugins onto social media you get 50% off, I wonder if that works on their sale prices?
  8. tom

    Time Space 5% Off Code

    Yes! Thank you and all working now. But err I think I might wait for this generous discount now 😆
  9. tom

    Time Space 5% Off Code

    Code still not working for me, anyone else got it working? I get the error "discount code isn’t available to you right now"
  10. I’m in UK but may try the VPN route, should work I guess
  11. Apparently UK buyers are frozen out from AITB due to Brexit
  12. tom

    Time Space 5% Off Code

    Just tried it for Omnisphere and didn’t work, is it store wide?
  13. Actually just reading a Reddit thread about it and some say it’s better for the sibilance features but others say that some of the features that were in 4 are removed in 5, that’s rubbish if true
  14. I have Melodyne 4 editor and I skipped upgrading to 5 last time it was cheap and I still can’t see if it’s worth it. Any convincing arguments that the stuff in 5 is much better than 4?
  15. If you get his newsletter you'll see he's pretty Anti-BF so this is the main sale I think
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