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  1. Is there a list of what’s new or is it just the new black skin? Couldn’t see anything on the site
  2. just to chime in again and update my earlier frustrations. Somebody mentioned on KVR that the RDP that I was using to access remote machine is not supported in AudioGridder and to switch to VNC. I did and now it works great, very pleased 😁
  3. Playing with demo, very nice and tons of character but that’s a high intro price and subsequent retail price. Puts it way outside impulse buy for me
  4. Yeah Teleport free now too, It's one I use atm, reliable and works well, shame its only 32bit though with 32bit plugins (I had to use old Acustica 32bit plugin installers)
  5. Thanks so much! Am going to delve in again and try
  6. Oh many thanks, will read through and follow. Sorry I meant a screenshot of the Audiogridder server app settings, it has different display streaming technologies if I remember and I wondered which you were using. cheers!
  7. Any chance of posting your server settings too please? I just couldn't get this to work, no matter what I tried. I tried with Acustica plugins and I suspect it may be something to do with their heavy CPU load and db sizes maybe Cheers!
  8. Tried this last month and wasted an hour of my life. VSTs wouldn’t scan and ones that did, GUI wouldn’t show. This will be great and useful down the line when reliable
  9. I used Apple Pay on my mobile, do I need to delete card?? Ugh
  10. I'll bump this one 😁 It really is a great comp!
  11. Yeah looking forward to demoing, I know their Brighton comp is highly regarded. Would love to have more driven sound across Acustica range, seems a missed opportunity to me with all these amazing units being sampled. Why not sample them driven hot too? Strange
  12. Looks interesting! Does it actually saturate when pushed unlike most Aqua pres?
  13. tom

    Chowdhury DSP Freebies

    These are great. There’s the free klon emulation that’s really nice too
  14. tom

    Delays ? Delays ? Delays ?

    I think Lemon sounds the best out of all my delays as it’s sampled from actual hardware instead of emulated. Problem is it’s not very fun to work with, has a tendency to freak out on minor tweaks and its not friendly to being automated. fun and amazing delay is Wavesfactory Echo Cat without doubt
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