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  1. Damn good prices! Yeah great news about free transfers now
  2. Sorry and thanks Scook! oh to trial it just download Aquarius app and search for Surrey and you’ll see the trial. No need to authorise it explicitly. Install the free N4 player too to use it
  3. This one uses the free Nebula Player. I am a huge Nebula fan and love the other guitar amp called Virgo. Not overdriven but the best clean sound ITB imo after demoing. Have cancelled my Neural DSP plans and buying this! https://aquariuspowered.com/#/product/SURREY
  4. Ugh I bought Indiependent SDX last week off user on KVR for $55 which is no biggie but I only went for it as it was on sale for $80 on toontrack. I’d be way more upset if I had bought in their sale last week only for them to reduce it further a week later. Weird move it is a great library though!
  5. tom

    LetiMix GainMatch

    VERY useful plugin
  6. tom

    Neural DSP Black Friday

    Thanks Fitzroy! Worked a treat
  7. tom

    Neural DSP Black Friday

    How do you get trial licenses refreshed? I trialled Nolly a few months back so trial not working for me now but itching to try it again
  8. Yeah I have this and like it. I love the idea of a midi sampler to rival an audio sampler and this is the only thing I have like that but it has its quirks. Unfortunately when you edit one midi sample slice it affects all others, which means it can knock out timings, etc of other slices. If it could do slicing up of an existing midi file and then each slice be independently manipulated, this would be fantastic. I wrote to developer and asked about this and they said they'd d consider it for v2
  9. But for that price I might as well just get a boog poly D 😬
  10. I’ve had so much trouble with these monster synths. Had falcon for a year or so but although super powerful, I just found it way to unintuitive and sold it. Demo’d Halion for a long time but crashed all the time. VPS Avenger was by far the most fun but also that had tons of crashes and was just too flaky. Ended up impulse buying MSoundFactory on an intro buy and it’s by far the most complicated plugin I’ve ever used when trying to tweak 😂 I’m screwed.
  11. tom

    50% Off Serato Sample

    I mean you can lay out song structures in Ableton of course but yeah Reaper is lean, handles Acustica Nebula really well which is why I prefer it.
  12. tom

    50% Off Serato Sample

    I spent 2 years lost in ableton session view, endless ideas, no finished songs. That’s the danger of it. 🥴 Back to Reaper where I can lay everything out in a song structure from the start. I bought serato sampler to fill the Simpler gap and it works great
  13. tom

    IKM up to 50% Off

    Are we likely to see more sales on toontrack over Black Friday or is this 40% off packs the best we’re going to see? I’ve decided to go for SD3 and trying to figure if I should wait for more deals
  14. Thanks Larry, I’m in UK so price showing as £50 so I’m better off with Voxengo I think. Exchange rate prices rubbish these days for UK buyers
  15. This is now $53 on voxengo , I’m very tempted. Cheaper anywhere else anyone know? JRR still $68 with group buy code EDIT: Sorry! Messed up somehow, added Teote to basket but it was another plugin in there when checking price again 😳 and so actual Teote price is $71. PluginBoutique looks like best option
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