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  1. Thanks for the heads up, donated for the VIP and now I’m lost in a world of scripts, I’m in way over my head 😂
  2. True. There's always been something a bit Windows 2000 with Reaper Interface for me, a bit too utilitarian. Would love the sleek S1 approach of the GUI with the guts of Reaper, ultimate DAW!
  3. Edit: sorry, I’ll keep politics out of here
  4. I love Reaper, I always dabble with other DAWs until I hit a limitation that Reaper can handle with ease. Any complicated idea of routing or whatever I can think up, Reaper or it’s users usually have a solution. I’m still looking for that elusive theme though that will make me happy. Also wish comping was as neat as Studio One
  5. tom

    Acustica Green & Gold

    Meh sale prices are slowly creeping up again, couple months back the midweek deals were hovering around 49euros
  6. Thanks for the help! Yeah did a manual search for files and for some reason the installer had nested them wrong inside the folder I had set. I did manual downloads of sounds too, seems like an issue with one of the installers or maybe I didn't check the path correctly. All sorted now!
  7. Installed Syner-V and getting errors opening patches saying sounds can't be found. Re-installed and still the same, some presets are fine though. Known bug?
  8. Some of the V2 synths are 20-30gb of samples and sound great. I’d like to get some of the v1 ones too but Juno 60 for example is only 800mb of samples. Seems like the V1 aren’t very deep sampled. Are they worth collecting or best to stick to newer ones?
  9. tom

    REAPER updated to 6.5.4

    Huge release, been waiting a long time for the oversampling feature
  10. Wow thank you so much for the further research, when back in studio will look into this. I have the stock RAM (2666mhz) and I think upgrading RAM will improve things too
  11. Many thanks for all that. Thats actually the tweaks I do, theres a very good list that Acustica put out which I follow: https://confluence.merging.com/display/PUBLICDOC/Windows+10+Configuration I have done these tweaks to both my machines but the AMD is performing worse. I reckon there must be something AMD specific I need to do
  12. Any AMD specific tweaks out there? I bought a Dell Aurora with AMD Ryzen 5950x and projects are way more glitchy than my 5 year old Aurora with Intel 8700k. Both overclocked. Really frustrating!
  13. Any recommendations for which of their Vari-Mu’s is best for mastering?
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