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  1. Oh nice, I was planning on picking one up as never owned any of their plugins. These 3 seem the pick of the bunch, which best for a good alt rock crunch
  2. Yeah the link is 3 posts above. It’s really good and actually was on there last night grabbing unmixed tracks for testing compressors, etc
  3. Yeah yesterday when I first looked I swear it was €29 for me and I went back to buy a few hours later and it was €45. When I checked on my laptop 10 minutes after that it was €55. Weird teasing
  4. Damn was really hoping for Smart Limit to go on sale over this weekend
  5. tom

    Acustica BF Offer

    Acustica have tamed with their BF in the last couple of years, used to get much bigger discounts. Viridian at €39 is tempting
  6. Wow, definitely picking up one of those compressors
  7. What does it do? Is it a synth?
  8. Oh might have to get one of the SDX's, which is preferred out of the New York studios?? (I have Legacy of Rock so not sure if need, I might wait for one of the newer ones to go on sale)
  9. Still never received a license for this and I answered the 3 questions. Any one else?
  10. Brown was €39 in summer sale, which I bought and love. I have too many plugins so my new philosophy with Acustica is i’ll only buy when they hit the €39 mark 😆
  11. Sorry, didn’t read the other posts properly, realise it’s for over 50% only.
  12. Yeah that's some serious caveat. OP post saying it will be dropped into our acccounts so thats not true then. Also sale is weak compared to years gone by. Acustica can tend to cut prices even further on Black Friday and even again Cyber Monday so best to stay patient I reckon
  13. 10th today and I’m not seeing anything about sales mentioned on site or Frost?
  14. Oh I see, found it all a bit confusing, need to stop skim reading these things. Sorry for the intrusion 😊
  15. Huh, Zebra2 is now Zebra Legacy for €99 no? :
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