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  1. Yeah thats right, Ive used Nebula for years and absoultely love it but it takes a workflow adjustment. I use Bluecat patchwork to store Nebula instances and it allows me to recall them in the correct order in a session with the windows open as i set them. Its a steep learning curve but for that analog sound ITB its unbeatable. If you do go for it, the Compressors to get are Tim Petherick who has a 20% sale on currently https://www.timpetherick.co.uk/ as well as Cupwise. AlexB for consoles and EQs. Its a rabbit hole! Do your research but I can never go back. Due to latency and CPU usage though, when Im writing I use stock plugins and then Neb for mixing
  2. Demoing Big Beautiful Door, excellent on Live drum stems for de-bleeding. Anyone have it cheaper? Not on JRR or Audiodeluxe
  3. can't seem to get realtime and offline settings to stick with this update, anyone else? Refresh rate and size is fine EDIT: Nevermind, had only VST2 installed so Installed VST3 version too and seemed to work OK after a DAW restart
  4. tom

    Ripchord 2.2

    I managed to import a midi file that was full of single notes and chords badly played (by me) and it recognised them fine including single notes and lay them out across the keyboard. I was very impressed
  5. tom

    Blue Cat ReHead

    Interested to know how they all compare, please report back!
  6. tom

    Ripchord 2.2

    Midi file importer is great. What’s new in this version, can’t see a list?
  7. If you like Neve EQs, demo Gold, I love it as a colour EQ on guitars and Drums. So many flavours. I find the comp on it hard to dial in though
  8. Just to confirm that you need the full N4 commercial edition for these to work, not the free N4 player. His compressors are the best imo even compared to all the acquas. RA6 for tons of character as well as Sum100. Opto3a and U76 for great LA2A/3A and 1176 emulations. Actually can’t go wrong with any of it, tapes are amazing and best ITB distortion is SCS power distortion
  9. Pretty niche market but if anyone owns Acustica Nebula, Tim Petherick has released a new transient EQ library with intro price https://www.timpetherick.co.uk/downloads/smteq/
  10. I mean some people may massively disagree but I was very impressed fwiw 😁
  11. This is really good. I have gullfoss but actually preferring the extra control I have with this
  12. just get a trial of this to work has been such a nightmare that I gave up. Even at 9.99, the trial alone pissed me off enough to sack the whole thing off
  13. I have have MAutoDynamicEQ that has analog modelling and saturation. What is different here, just that you can draw your own curves? Not sure how needed that is really. Does this bring something else apart from that
  14. Great, that’s exactly what I wanted to know thanks! It’s SSS that I will wait for, their pattern generator thing is great
  15. Need a good percussion library and been waiting for Shimmer Shake Strike to go on sale as I’ve demo’d and is perfect. Any comparisons to this library? Anyone own and recommend?
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