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  1. I stumbled upon a really weird situation in Cakewalk that I don't think is a "bug", per se, but did sort of break the usability of the program. Quick notes: using updated version, but also have a Mackie MCU (original grey series) to control the DAW via a MOTU Microlite. I was doing a stereo-file cleanup/transfer project (I'm actually making a CD out of an Internet broadcast), but the important part is that I was working on a new project. I have a habit of hitting the "Save" button on the MCU before adding certain older/freeware plugins just in case they case a problem. However, this time I hadn't yet saved the file under its own name yet. Cakewalk did the proper thing in response to that, and opened up a "Save As..." dialog for me to save the file with a name of my choosing. However, because I hit the button while I had the FX menu open in the Console View, it seems like Cakewalk got confused about where my attention should be with respect to keyboard/mouse input. I couldn't force the mouse to operate either the FX menu or the Save As dialog. Clicking around seemed to adjust the zoom in the Track view, and I couldn't really interact with any of the Cakewalk windows (including the Windows-level interface, so I couldn't hit the "Close X" on the upper right of the Save As dialog, either). Nothing about Cakewalk seemed to actually be having real problems: the audio kept running as per normal, and Windows reported nothing strange in the task manager: I just couldn't interact with Cakewalk in a meaningful manner at that moment. I ultimately had to force-close Cakewalk via the Task Manager and start from scratch. Cakewalk loaded normally without issue. Not sure what that mean, and it seems like it'd be a pretty rare situation, but I think the lesson here is to always Save your projects with their own name before you do anything else. Just thought I'd throw that one out there to let people know I found something bizarre.
  2. So I finally had some time away from projects this weekend, and it looks like the culprit was indeed "digiasio.dll", which was placed into two different directories (1 in the Windows/System32 and 1 in Windows/SysWOW64). I pulled them both out of their folders and Cakewalk stayed online through a VPN status changeover. I will need to do some additional testing for Pro Tools, but no indications of problems yet. If I'm honest I use it maybe twice a year, so if that breaks it's less critical for me. Thanks for your help everybody!
  3. You're almost definitely correct that this is a problem caused by Pro Tools. The problem is that Avid will almost definitely decline to care because I'm using a build that isn't technically supported within their extremely narrow specified hardware for support (I'm also using a version of Pro Tools several years old because that's what is compatible with Windows 7).
  4. Here's a weird thing. I recently started using NordVPN on my DAW computer, and any time there is a change in VPN connectivity while Cakewalk is running, I experience a fatal exception that crashes Cakewalk. Nominally this isn't a problem, except when there's an unexpected interruption in my VPN connection. If NordVPN changes its connectivity status (either to connect or to disconnect), within a few seconds Cakewalk throws an error message that reads: (The crash dump file changes each time, but it also appears to simply be the data and time of the system when the exception occurs.) Note that I can generate this message reliably irrespective of whether or not Cakewalk actually has a project open: in the attached image I did it immediately after startup of Cakewalk. I did find this exact error message being dealt with over on the Avid forums: I do have Pro Tools and Avid Link on this computer. This behavior persists even if I have neither Pro Tools nor Avid Link running in the background or have had them running at any time since a fresh boot of the computer. https://duc.avid.com/showthread.php?t=400096 It appears that user had help from Cakewalk devs to eliminate their problem. But their solution did not work for me. As of now, I'm still 100% reliably able to recreate this problem. While I was initially inclined to blame NordVPN itself, it also appears that I can reliably generate this exception by disabling the network adapters via Windows Control Panel, too. Behavior is exactly the same whether I'm disabling or enabling the associated network adapter within Control Panel. So it appears that Cakewalk, in the current incarnation, is highly sensitive to changes in internet connectivity. I'm a long-time user, and I still have Sonar Platinum on this computer, and was able to recreate this behavior there, as well, so this is not a new problem. Does anybody know a way to get Cakewalk not to care about the Internet? I suppose I could try disabling my network card every time I need to use the program and switching back on (something I used to do when I was working on a laptop), but this is non-ideal because I've taken to keeping track of mix revisions from clients in emails or online, and having a browser open to track those notes is very useful to me. I have already tried blocking Cakewalk from all Internet access via the Windows Firewall, but that didn't solve the problem either. Any thoughts?
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