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  1. Im outta time again this morning but I will finish Iistening shortly. Really digging the vibe and the guitar work. I like imagining these tunes sung an octave higher and with a bit of a Zeppelin feel to the vocals. It's something that happens anytime I hear music like this. I would love to be able to sing a version if the music were available. ๐ŸŒž
  2. Well, this here is the real backing track for The Battle of Evermore . There are some songs you can get this way. I didn't actually listen to the Floyd side by side but I thought it was a pretty good track. B+? I guess that's pretty good for a Caraoke, but I believe you are being too kind! ๐ŸŒž I'm thinking actually I may have been a little flat on the start of the chorus parts. ๐Ÿคจ Thanks for listening brother, and for giving your feedback!
  3. Thanks pal. Yeah I thought that at 3 min it sounded better also. I will try to check out your tunes and give some comments. I literally have almost no free time lately (hence the car recordings. Lol) I'm doing this partially to keep my sanity right now
  4. Sorry about that. Maybe I should do "Silent Lucidity" next. Would that make it better? (Just kiddin dude. It's amazing the power songs can have!)
  5. Also I mixed this on headphones which is a no no but I had no other option at the time. It was very spontaneous and done mostly for a laugh but I find it interesting that I would be flat as I have sung this many times. Which words do you think we're flat?
  6. Actually I can sing a lot higher than this. It's the singing while sitting that gives me the trouble!
  7. This once again was recorded in the car via the Bandlab mobile app. Comfortably Numb And this actually might be the original backing track to the song, which I found via YouTube!
  8. Thanks Douglas. Yeah the timing and groove on this one are really important. I once sang this at karaoke back when I was an alcoholic and I'm sure I didn't find the groove.
  9. Hey thanks man! Very interesting feedback. I usually tend to imitate too much on covers and on this I was trying not to! Also the Tyler version actually came on the radio just as I was about to park and sing this, which was of course rather trippy, as I had just turned on the radio one song before that.
  10. I did this recording on my Android (top of the line) so I had no need of cables. I wish I had investigated it sooner! I used the Bandlab mobile app. I had to dick around with it a little bit but it is fairly user friendly. You might want to give it a try just for fun! The app has lots of great effects on it.
  11. I did this recording here on my Android (has a nice mic in it) which allows me to see the lyrics up close as I sing. I once tried stuffing a microphone in a small box and surrounded it with socks but it sounded like sht. It is fun to experiment with for sure. Wasn't there something Lennon did with the vocals and a speaker? I don't quite remember what it was.
  12. Wow dude super old school. I never got to use those but I did have the opportunity to use an Amiga for a bit. Nice little machine for it's time.
  13. Evan Hayley


    This time thing is only temporary. In the Bible it mentions that "in heaven there is no reckoning of time" I really enjoyed this track. A lot of great work in there. I feel the chorus/refrain part could use a bit more energy, possibly sung higher. I was wondering how the whole thing would sound if some or all of it we're sung in another octave or with some higher harmonies. I think it is a fun and interesting blues song with a nice warm vibe to it.
  14. Frickin awesome! Also awesome that you seized the day that you had in order to do this, esp after 10 years! ๐Ÿค 
  15. Dude I'll have to try that soon! Thanks!
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