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  1. Yeah I want to record along with the music, for example to practice. I think adding the mp3 is the best workaround so far. Thanks alot. I still dont get it why WMP and Spotify dont work while Cakewalk is running but nevermind 🤷‍♂️.
  2. Hey, thank you for your answer. I selected "Suspend Audio Engine When Cakewalk Is Not in Focus." Now at least its possible to listen to music without closing the Catwalk programm ^^. But i want to play and record instruments while listening to some .mp3 files at the same time. When Catwalk is not in Focus, theres no audio output from Catwalk (that means i cannot hear the instrument through my USB Headphones) and recording isn´t working.
  3. Hey, I´m quite new to Cakewalk (started yesterday :)) and I have the following problem. I use an Behringer U-Phoria UMC22 as audio interface and I use Cakewalk to manage and recording some bass lines and song ideas. I use my USB Headphones (plugged in the Computer) as Audio output and the Behringer Audio interface as Audio Input and it works like a charm without any delay. Now sometimes I just want to listen to some Music (via Windows Media Player / Spotify) and play along with my bass guitar and maybe recording my own bassline, Music and bass guitar output via USB Headset. BUT when Cakewalk is running I cannot open and listen to any .mp3 file on my Computer and an error occurs. When I close Cakewalk everything works fine again immediately. I hope i could make my problem clear. Many thanks in advance.
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