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    thanks Tom, Ill takes those techniques into consideration next time
  2. Ahtovin Morph


    is there a Plug in or something that could control or avoid clipping while recording. I have a condensor Mic that sounds reall good and have it set to a good recording level but there is a certain level where the recording clps and glitches or creates a interferance sound. I can see it when the levels clips while I am recording and I was wondering if there is a plug in, noise compresor or noise gate that could help me avoid the interferance/clipping. The best example I can use would be to record a scream without clipping or lowering the level so the rest of the track wont be so low volume Thanks
  3. i dont have that options on windows im using M-audion as my main source for audio
  4. thats my setting on the play back and recording cant find those option your mentioning
  5. running into error message that states "unable to open audio device. Device may not support the current projet's audio format or may be in use " using M-adio fast track pro on windows 8.1. I have tried to install the drivers for the M-audio mutiple times and updated to best of my ability. the M-audio shows up on the Preferences option on Cakewalk but that error message keeps popping up every time i try to play a project or record anything. I had previously had a behringer u-phoria umc404 connected and worked fine. Strange thing is that the M-audio works fine on Sonar X3.. Is there any way to get Cakewalk to use the M-audio with you un-installing Sonar? I would really appriciate anyone shinning any light to this predicament -Ahtovin
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