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  1. Hi everybody. I use Akai MPK II Mini and Cakewalk on Windows 10... Everything was working OK... But something happened that is NOT working anymore: - Cakewalk detects MPK Mini on INPUT MIDI and I selected it - I put many different PLUGINS SYNTHS (TTS, Hibrid, etc....) - I tried using MPC Essentials and evertyhing is OK! It works! BUT when i press any key of MPK, nothing happens. No sound, no bars in the VOLUME..... (before was OK with the same configs)... Is there anything to check or try??? Some Windows 10 issue_Cakewalk??? Tks for helping Luciano
  2. Hi all.. I´m having the same problem.... Everything was working well, and suddenly stopped to work. BUT this happens just with Cakewalk... When I test with MPC Essentials, the MPK mini is working well (i tested using Hybrid3 synth)... Any other suggestion to check and try??? Tks a lot! Luciano Martins
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