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  1. Alvin, I would avoid using mixing/mastering plugins when tracking. Especially ones using look-ahead. I personally try to avoid all plugins when tracking.
  2. Very happy with the 11.2019 release!!! Thanks to Bandlab and Bakers!!!
  3. kzmaier

    Comp split gluing.

    Thanks Mark and all the Bakers!!! Will check it out.
  4. kzmaier

    Comp split gluing.

    This isn't working for me either. If this is a clue, I have multiple takes overlapping when this happens I tried deleting the stub and cannot get crop smart tool to show on parent clip even with comp and fade disabled. This really messes with my OCD... I like to keep clips (takes) in one piece and blend the track with cropping and fades. Version 2019.09
  5. Came across this in 2019.09 update, I wonder if this is where things changed??? The crop zone was not working as I expected. https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=NewFeatures.11.html New key modifiers for edits in Take lanes CTRL+ALT+drag adjusts a single crossfade Hold SHIFT and drag a clip edge to crop an individual clip Holding SHIFT on Comp track (lanes collapsed) now allows for adjusting split location across lanes
  6. Thanks David, I will give this another try. Was rather frustrating. This must have changed somewhere along the path. Still a big fan of the Cake!!! Just lacking time with the studio, playing out more than in these days.
  7. I'm having trouble with the Smart tool on tracks with multiple clips/takes. I want the edit tool to do a crop clip but where ever I move the mouse I get the cross-fade or crop abutting clips icons. I prefer to keep my clips in one piece (clip = good take) so I work in sound on sound mode. This seems to have changed in 07/09 versions. I do not see how to correct this behavior. Any suggestions are welcome. PS. I have not updated to 11/2019 as of yet. Thanks,
  8. Thanks scook, this sounds like a great tool. Does a user need to save previous versions or is there a way to get them?
  9. I run 3. 1st Gen Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 - for mic in's; more io, including midi. Boss GT001 - for guitar/bass sims, effects, inspiration. On board audio - for windows youtube/winamp...
  10. Track Gain is a major plus that is missed in other daws.
  11. Just want to thank the team for an impressive release and quick turn on the hot-fix!!! The new features are great and bug fixes most welcome. You guys rock! Thanks, Kz
  12. I am but ... what I find is that once someone becomes a real Daw user, they lock in very fast. And then there's the "Industry Standard". Informed new users can get the most benefit from this Killa Daw!!!
  13. Good question? I haven't scanned the entire thread but hope to see what I'm missing. Granted I would like to see the effects (ProChannel/VSTs) from Sonar brought into Bandlab's Cakewalk.
  14. Skylight + Themes = Inspired User Works for me!
  15. Great !!! This helps a lot !!! Thanks to our new owners and all contributors!!!
  16. Thanks Scook!!! This is just what I was looking for!!!
  17. kzmaier

    Sonic Sludge

    Jamming with my son on drums. Do we add bass guitar is one question?
  18. Over the weekend I saw a couple of things. I have several midi interfaces connected to my Daw. I turn then on when needed. I noticed that the Cakewalk control surface will auto select a midi interface when the actual control surface interface midi device is missing. This makes the selected interface unusable on a midi track input even though it's in the track options list. Just a FYI I thought I would share, as well as something I need to remember. It took me a while to figure this out. If I change the midi interface in the Control surface to something else all is well. The second observation was when recording midi on a track with the Arpeggiator turned on in the Cakewalk midi track as well as the vsti I ended up with overlapping redundant midi notes. Is there a recommended work-flow when recording arpeggated parts? I just practiced the parts with the Arpeggiator on and then recorded with it off. Unfortunately sometimes I forgot this step.
  19. So I was minding my own business enjoying my Korg Minilogue and then what the ... Korg released the Minilogue xd. Ooo ... GAS kicked in, but I just got the Minilogue. I thought it would be nice if someone created an add-on to provide these new features (better filter, digital wavs, effects). Not to hard, any takers please. Well I looked at the Korg FM Volca and wasn't sold. So I turned to DIY. I setup a Raspberry Pi with SunVox. Long story short, wow SunVox is amazing. I just wanted to point this out to any Synthesis explorers. I can now run the midi out of the Minilogue into the midi in on Rasp Pi. Add my Zoom CDR effects pedal and put my GAS in check...
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