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  1. I went with the PreSonus Studio 1810c.  The IO was just right for my setup.  Ran 4 hour session without reading the manual.  Biggest problem was guitarist demanding to have 2 Peavey bass amps at 11.  Going for the Back Keys thing.  Good thing no one was home.  They were happy with the results.  Reading the manual now, didn't have time before session and was nervous through session not having experience with the interface.  I am going to run a few more tests.  I will provide thoughts once complete.



  2. Looking at the following,  I think they are all USB2.  Any Cakewalk user input/experiences are welcome.

    Behringer U-Phoria UMC1820 - Good price and reviews!  Are drivers up to date for Windows?

    PreSonus Studio 1810c - Like the input meters!  Would be happy with 1810 but cannot find one.

    Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 3rd Gen - Had good luck with 6i6!

    Thanks in advance!!!

  3. Had a crash doing save with 15632-202005.  So I recorded couple dozen clips (3 tracks) with AD drums.  I had a 3 min song outline.  Unfortunately I hadn't done a save ( my bad).  I went to do the save and paused thinking of a name.  I started a few titles and with guitar in hand delayed for a minute or two.  Next time I looked it was gone.  Program exited and all was lost.  That's on me but I thought I'd mention it in case its easy to reproduce and possibly fix.



  4. So I'm the old fart in this band.  I've spent the last year in my son's Blues band.  Its lots of fun.  The we're a trans blues band, many genres.  Other members in the band include, rock-a-billy, punk, and metal.   I'm really a prog rocker, think Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis,...  When I write I love to start with synths, guitar, and then riff over it with lead guitar.  Now I'm trying to write blues tunes but avoid the 1,4,5 hum drums.  Any suggestions?

  5. I'm sorry to bring this up again ... but still having this issue.  I just want to crop one clip in a track with multiple takes.  Note the clip start, lines up with other clips in different takes.  I tried using the smart tool filter option???  I'm using sound on sound record mode.  Is this just me???  Maybe its an OCD thing;)

    Running latest version of Cakewalk.


  6. 16 hours ago, Alvin Lawson said:


    Hello Noel,

    Sorry for not being specific. I have been having the issue since build 2019.03. I emailed Bandlab support Ashwin about the issue on Jun 17, 2019. When I record music with the LP-64 Multiband VST version, it gets static all the time. I had to find the older version of the VST which is version that runs fine one day and outputs static another day. When I brought up that I am using a Windows insider build 18980, Ashwin told me they don’t test Insider builds. It has been a lot of months since that insider build, and still, the issue persists in build 19536. My projects are not big, only using two to three-track lanes. I don’t see any abnormalities in terms of my ram usage since I use 32 GB of ram.



    I would avoid using mixing/mastering plugins when tracking.  Especially ones using look-ahead.  I personally try to avoid all plugins when tracking.

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