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  1. Dear nigel i have been pulling my hair out trying to figure this out and you had the answer in one sentence ! im very gratefull i can now stop taking the tranq's last question what is imput echo for ? kind regards Del
  2. hi all i wonder if anybody can help im a newbie but cannot get Sonar to work with my yamaha PSR EW 400 and the virtual instruments like labs and synths but it will play audio with yamaha keyboard and record so i have ticked all the boxes and it is showing Digital Keyboard and wifi midi...i should say that it did work sometime ago but not now very frustrating any help would be really appreciated so key points : my keyboard works with other daw like Reaper and Audacity and all the soft synths no problem : all boxes ticked for midi and digital keyboard ( digital keyboard showing up )and have done everything they say for starting up : all the soft synths load up no problem and are working if they have a virtual keyboard and you play with the computer mouse : windows 10 many thanks in advance Del
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